Zac Efron doesn’t owe you his personal life

In a recent post by gossip account TwoMe about Zac Efron’s internet presence, a fan complained that the star was too private online.

Sharing it with their millions of followers, the gossip account inadvertently sparked a debate over Efron’s responsibility, if any, to share his life with his fans.

Zac Efron’s choice to become more and more private does not sit well with his fans.

Although the celebrities agreed to show off when they took the job, it’s important to remember that they’re still human beings who deserve some privacy and owe fans nothing.

After being thrust into the limelight when he starred as dreamy basketball player Troy in 2006’s “High School Musical,” 18-year-old Efron has become one of the most famous stars of a generation.

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After enjoying Disney movie fame, he continued to do comedy, action, and other more demanding roles over the years.

Notably, however, the 34-year-old doesn’t appear to be online as much as he used to, causing some fans to feel sadness from a distance.

In a recent submission to popular gossip site Deuxmoi, a fan said that if Efron was online more, fans wouldn’t be so mad.

“I don’t understand why he can’t give us some!” I think the more open it is, the less crazy the fandom will end up going!! wrote the anonymous source.

This concept is what the internet calls: a parasocial relationship.

Parasocial relationships are one-sided relationships in which one person feels entitled to a level of intimacy due to the amount of content they consume from the other person, who is not even aware of their existence.

Just because you’re a fan of someone doesn’t mean they owe you anything.

The submission comes after TwoMe was a guest on Arielle Lorre’s The Blonde Files podcast where they discussed more theories about Efron’s possible plastic surgery.

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People shared their thoughts on the submission in DeuxMoi’s Reddit thread.

“If someone had put this to her about Harry Styles, she would have had a tantrum. That being said… There’s no problem with fame,” one user wrote.

“They’re just ordinary people. Nobody’s perfect. Anyway, Efron is a good egg in this shitty industry and that’s a personal testimony to everything I’ve heard from people I know. .

“People have to step back and take a break like you’re not entitled to someone just because they’re a celebrity, wtf.”

Zac Efron’s withdrawal from public life came after he was bullied online because of his appearance.

Efron recently revealed that the reason his jaw looks different than it used to was because of an injury that broke his jaw.

During an interview with Men’s Health, he revealed that while recovering from an injury in physiotherapy, his jaw became deformed.

“The masseters just grew up,” he shrugged during the interview. “They just got really, really big.”

The presence of these kinds of online rumors and parasocial relationships is part of the reason why he tries to stay away from social media.

“If I cared as much about what other people thought of me as they think I do,” he said, “I definitely wouldn’t be able to do this job.”

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Efron said he stays away from the internet for the betterment of his mental health.

“I check my emails, but other than that I don’t really use the internet. It’s all white noise. I try to stay close to my family and good friends,” he said.

He went into more detail about why he may not be online in an interview with Entertainment Tonight to promote his new movie “The Greatest Beer Run Ever.”

“I don’t really read the internet, I don’t really give a damn,” he said.

He claimed it got to the point where even his own mother was asking him about the rumors and he wanted to put an end to it.

But despite everything, with Efron calling out the rumours, people are still considering whether he is telling the truth or not and feel they owe an explanation.

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