Woman spends £ 23,000 on plastic surgery after divorce – and is now a millionaire model


After a woman divorced, she made the decision to spend £ 23,000 on plastic surgery to get more likes on Tinder and ended up earning £ 1million a year because of it.

Model Amanda Martin, 26, of Las Vegas, married her ex-Navy husband at the age of 20.

When she was 23, the couple divorced after agreeing they had separated.

Amanda, who describes her upbringing as “safe and innocent”, went through a huge transformation to kick off her new single life.

She hired a personal trainer and went from 13st 3lb to 8st 3lb.

Following her sensational weight loss, Amanda decided to go under the knife to boost her “pancake-flat” breasts to a curvy 32DDD.

Amanda Martin spent £ 23,000 on plastic surgery and now earns £ 1million a year from her new look

Amanda has also had loads, fat transfer, liposuction procedures and buttock implants to continue to look like a ‘sexy thick queen’, spent £ 23,322 ($ 30,000) in total.

The new confidence Amanda gained from her transformation encouraged her to share steamy snaps on Instagram showcasing her enviable figure – with the initial aim of boosting her Tinder profile and “getting fucked”.

Amanda’s Instagram account has exploded and she now has 4.3 million subscribers on the social media platform and her subscription-only content on OnlyFans is equally popular.

The star is now shooting adult films on the site with her boyfriend John Hill, 30.

Amanda martin
Amanda is now an adult artist

She now earns £ 1,164,121 ($ 1,500,000) each year from OnlyFans and paid ads on Instagram.

Amanda said, “My marriage ended so I bought some boobs and hired a personal trainer.

“What I feel for me comes from the inside. I always thought my inner beauty and my personality was awesome. I just like that the outside is what I already feel on the inside.

“With my newfound self-confidence, I started to take more interest in social media and wanted my Tinder to explode.

“I became an Instagram thot before it was a normal thing. I was just a chick trying to fuck.”

Amanda martin
The star regularly posts sexual content

She added, “Eventually my Instagram account and my modeling career blossomed. I put all my money back into growing my brand and my social media accounts – touring all over the United States. C was before the days of OnlyFans.

“I got so many reviews for my Instagram because at the time nobody really understood what I was doing. I knew I could make a career out of it.

“Guys were embarrassed to date me. My online personality has always been pretty loud and raunchy. I’ve used my social media to keep people entertained, but closed guys just think you’re a thot looking for. Watch out, I’m almost watching my too sex figure to be a comedy for me – my audiences love it anyway.

“I have millions of fans who love it now. Nobody says much these days other than that they’re a ‘fan.’ I’m pretty sure single men wouldn’t tell me much because I am a little intimidating. “


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