Why the TLC Show is so addicting

1000 pound sisters has become quite a popular show on TLC. What started out as Amy and Tammy Slaton just posting YouTube videos to fans has turned into a three-season reality show watched by people all over the world. Unlike other reality shows, it’s hard to really understand what brings viewers back to 1000 pound sisters week after week. There are no competitions, no real love stories, and the drama can even feel redundant. So what keeps fans coming back?

Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton, the Slaton sisters of ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ | CCM

What is “1000-lb Sisters”?

1000 pound sisters follows Amy and Tammy as they try to lose weight and lead healthier lives. When the show started, Tammy weighed around 600 pounds and Amy weighed around 400 pounds. Both women set out to lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. However, so far only Amy has been able to get the procedure. Since starting her weight loss journey, Tammy has mostly gained weight and banished family members with her attitude.

Why is “1000-lb Sisters” addicting?

While weight loss comes across as My 600 pound life have proven to be very popular for TLC, 1000 pound sisters differs in a major way. The draw for weight loss shows is the transformations. While Amy was able to have the surgery, she hasn’t made much progress since then and Tammy and Chris Combs have regained most of the weight they lost. So why are fans staying tuned?

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“I love a good before and after or makeover story,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “Whether it’s a new home, repairing plastic surgery or losing weight. I like to see the results. It was great in season 1 because Amy lost weight. I know deep down (well not that deep, it’s pretty obvious) that Tammy will never lose weight but I always support her.

“For the same reason I watch all the other trashy reality shows full of awful people. Makes me feel better about myself. Horrible but honest, ”wrote another person as to why they are connecting.

“I think the food addiction shows are interesting,” wrote one user. “With a drug or alcohol addiction, an addict will try to avoid having this in his life if he is to get sober. You cannot do this with food; you will always need it and be around it. Everyone in your life needs it too! It is therefore an interesting addiction to manage / overcome.

“It’s also interesting to see people dealing with Tammy’s height (and once Amy’s),” the person continued. “Like they couldn’t walk to their mailbox and Tammy couldn’t even reach the knobs on her stove. It makes me thankful for the things I can do and take for granted, and reminds me that a little activity is better than no activity. Every little bit counts.

“I am looking to talk about it with friends and online lol,” said one fan. “I love ‘My 600lb Life’ but it has become so stereotypical that there is no longer any distinction from episode to episode. I saw the ad for ‘1000-lb Sisters’ and it was so different. Really funny moments too.

“All of the above,” added one person. “Plus, I really like most of the characters except Tammy and their horrible mother witch. Tisa and Chris are awesome, I even love the doctors (although I miss the hot Dr. Procter. Tammy can cause rabies, but I can’t look away.

Season 3

Not much has changed since season 2 of 1000 pound sisters. Tammy has yet to meet Dr. Smith’s goal of having weight loss surgery. Amy also fell on the weight loss train and largely reverted to her old ways. According to this season’s synopsis, the two will need to work together to overcome their bad habits and get back on track.

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