Why Larissa Lima is not bothered by the body shame of the fans

Some 90 Day Fiancé fans say Larissa Lima looks fake due to her various plastic surgery procedures. However, she is not bothered by the reviews.

Larissa Lima from 90 day fiancé The fame has come under a lot of criticism over the years because of how she has changed in appearance over the years, but Larissa doesn’t seem to mind the reviews. Many fans believe that Larissa should give up plastic surgery and go for a more natural look. Some even say that Larissa is deluding herself about her appearance. However, Larissa looks exactly what she wants to look like, so the reality TV star pokes fun at her enemies all the way to the bank.

Larissa rose to fame when she came to America to marry her fiance Colt Johnson on 90 day fiancé season 6. Even after the couple’s divorce, Larissa remained a popular actor and appeared in two seasons of 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? Eventually, Larissa was fired by TLC and instead started reaching fans on social media. Larissa regularly shares updates on her many plastic surgeries and procedures, including a “total makeover”Larissa had for her birthday. Over time, Larissa has drastically altered her appearance since she first appeared on the show and received a lot of criticism for her appearance.

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Many fans have speculated that Larissa suffers from body dysmorphia – a condition where one has a distorted sense of his or her appearance and may undergo different procedures to achieve his goal. “ideal” see. However, Larissa spoke of her love for “bimbofication” and exaggerated female body proportions. Fans often criticize Larissa for watching “false” Where “Plastic,” but that’s exactly the look that Larissa is going for. Overall, his concept of his appearance is not distorted. Instead, Larissa knows she doesn’t look natural, and that’s her goal.

Despite the fact that 90 day fiancé Star Larissa’s shocking plastic surgery is not popular with some fans, she is very happy with the way she is “bimbofication” trip goes. Larissa doesn’t let mean fan comments about her appearance get to her because the things she is criticized for are the things she really likes about the way she looks. Even though a lot of fans discuss Larissa’s appearance, there are also a lot of fans who seem to be drawn to her. All things considered, Larissa has made a lot of money with her social media presence and digital content.

From its first appearance 90 day fiancé To this day, Larissa looks almost unrecognizable, and she loves it. Larissa’s looks are regularly uploaded, but she just won’t let it get to her. While many people disagree with Larissa’s plastic surgery procedures, she is certainly not kidding herself about her appearance. The reality TV star wants an over the top, Jessica Rabbit-like look, and she’s on track to make it happen. Therefore, the reviews regarding her fake appearance are not going to bring Larissa down.

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