Usually performed in super-specialized settings, Shadaab Hospital performs urological procedures in Shopian

Usually performed in super specialized settings, Shadaab Hospital performs urological procedures in Shopian

Posted on Sep 27, 2021 | Author RK News

Shopian, September 26: Doctors at Shadaab Hospital in Shopian Sunday performed the first such urological procedures in peripheral care with unique techniques that are typically performed in super-specialized settings.

Bring laurels to the town of Shopian, laparoscopic nephrectomy and Hendrens conical excision with extravesical ureteral reimplantation (EVUR) following the Lich-Gregoir (LG) technique for the correction of vesicoureteric obstruction (VUO) with megaureter, was performed at Shadaab Hospital.

The Lich-Gregoir (LG) technique for the correction of vesicoureteral obstruction (VUO) which is the most popular with a success rate of 97-99% was used while performing the procedure.

Both procedures were performed by renowned urologist Dr Manzoor A Dar, Anesthesiologist Dr Mohsin Farooq, Qayoom, OT in charge, Asif and Sameer OT Assistants, Rayees, Waseem and Rifat (OT), Gulal Aijaz and Sajad Technicians in anesthesia.

Both procedures were covered by the Ayushmann Bharat diet and the full treatment was free.

The successful completion of such a procedure for the first time in three districts of South Kashmir and Pir Panjal set a benchmark for others.

Praising this landmark surgical procedure, various quarters of civil society and the business community praised the efforts of the medical team and administrators at Shadaab Hospital.

Dr Gulzar, medical director of Shifa super-specialty hospital and originally from Shopian district, said it is commendable to attend such surgeries at a Shopian hospital that was considered medically backward a few years earlier. .

Mohammad Ameen, a senior citizen and member of civil society, said that Shadaab hospital became the first non-governmental covid hospital in the valley where covid positive patients from our Shopian district were operated on and which the hospital provided. also facilities on our doorstep.

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