Two new medical campuses in Montrose next year

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – Two new medical campuses are expected to be built later this year in Montrose. They will add to the region’s growing population and create more space for needed services.

“We’re running out of space, so to find that best space in a practical and cost-effective way,” said Montrose Regional Health CEO Jeff Mengenhausen. “So by putting the imaging center for example in this outpatient center, it’s actually going to reduce costs for our patients. We really focus on access and cost reduction for our community.

Montrose Regional Health is planning a four-story, 80,000 square foot ambulatory care center campus. Groundbreaking is expected to begin in July this year with an opening date of fall 2023. It will be in South Montrose at the River Landing Shopping Center next to the new Hobby Lobby.

“There’s going to be an imaging center specifically based on female imaging, primary care, specialty care, and then a surgery center on the fourth floor really based on orthopedics,” said Montrose CEO Jeff Mengenhausen. Regional Health.

The new facility will focus on outpatient services, including laboratory capabilities, physiotherapy, medical imaging and specialist surgery. As more outpatient services will be provided in the new facility, this will help free up space in the current hospital.

Montrose City Manager Bill Bell said city staff approved building permit fee waivers for the new Montrose Regional Health campus.

“Like many western communities, we are growing very rapidly right now,” Bell said. “We have a great hospital right now, lots of great providers, but with our growing community, especially aging populations, we will need better access to healthcare, so we’re really excited.”

The second new medical campus in Montrose will be affiliated with the Colorado Outdoors Medical Center. Colorado Outdoors recently acquired land for a new 50,000 square foot outpatient medical campus with construction expected to begin later this year.

The new Colorado Outdoors Medical campus will be located right next to the current campus. It will be designed with services including surgery, oncology, urgent care, imaging and other areas of expertise with an emphasis on outpatient services.

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