Trendy Post-Vaccine Cosmetic Procedures, According to Houston’s Leading Plastic Surgeon

Houston, Texas, October 6, 2021 – ( – Having been given the green light to resume elective surgery at the end of 2020, Dr Patrick Hsu and his team have their hands full at Memorial Plastic Surgery, running a wait list that spans months or even years. For Dr. Vasilakis, one of Memorial Plastic Surgery’s first surgeons, it’s no surprise that the demand for cosmetic procedures is on the rise again, especially now that more and more Americans are fully vaccinated.

“With the cases of COVID-19 declining every day, many are confidently approaching the procedures they always wanted to do,” shares Dr. Vasilakis.

Surgical procedures in preparation for the summer

Among the most requested procedures in recent months is liposuction, which many surgeons across the country attribute to weight gain during the lockdown period. Due to the recovery time required after liposuction, many working professionals rush to get an appointment for surgery before returning to their desks for work.

Summer is just around the corner, Dr. Vasilakis says, and many Americans are planning to visit the beach and enjoy a variety of activities. This, he believes, is contributing to the sudden increase in demand for liposuction.

Breast augmentations and breast facelifts are another set of in-demand procedures because women want to be ready to put on their bikinis and show off their bodies. Young women in particular are pushing for surgery in hopes of being recovered in time to get to the beach.

Focus on procedures that improve the face

Dr. Vasilakis is witnessing a growing demand for injectables, especially Botox and fillers, among new millennials. These patients, in their late twenties and early thirties, are looking for a treatment to remove fine lines and sculpt their cheeks and chin.

“The fact that people now go without a mask definitely motivates this new demand,” says Dr Vasilakis. “Apart from these injectables, we also get a lot of inquiries about surgical lip lifts because they want to show off their new look without a mask. “

While there was an increased demand for rhinoplasty, the focus is now on other parts of the face, especially since they can be done in conjunction with other procedures like chin augmentation.

Dr. Vasilakis’ commitment to patient care and safety

Given these current trends in plastic surgery, Dr. Vasilakis reiterates the importance of working with a plastic surgeon who understands each patient’s goals and puts them at ease. Especially with many patients who are considering plastic surgery for the first time, it is important to put comfort and safety above all else.

Dr. Vasilakis specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast, face, nose and body and is known for his attention to detail. This is why he is particularly attentive to first have in-depth consultations with each patient before each intervention, explaining the techniques that will be used for the procedure and providing specific instructions for postoperative care in order to obtain the best results. .

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