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Tuck or no Tuck…that is the question…

Well, at least that’s the question in this story someone shared on Reddit “Am I the A**hole?” page.

Take a look at what they had to say and see if you think they are wrong in this situation.

“Jenny suffered trauma as a child and ended up being an emotional eater, obese, withholding a grade, socially stunted, etc. Her parents, under a lot of pressure, put her in therapy, and she was able to heal from the trauma, then take control of his diet.

Because they waited so long to take the problem seriously, after she lost weight, her skin didn’t bounce back and she was left with a saggy belly and a protruding abdomen. She had a “double roll” belly where there is a roll above and below the belly button, and the bottom one tends to protrude into the clothes.

Before the body image brigade rains down on me, it’s NOT just the fat that naturally accumulates there for a lot of women. This is overhanging fat that is almost always visible in clothing.

Nothing she did would fix the problem. Her parents are very anti-plastic surgery, and considering she was a teenager, I completely understand. But she was unhappy in her body.

Jenny stays with me during the summers as I live near a beach and love spending time with her. Over the years she cried and cried and cried for me how much she had clutched her stomach and how she just wished she looked normal and her parents would just let her have a tummy tuck.

Last year, I decided to give her a tummy tuck for her 18th birthday, on the condition that she arrange it with her advisor. The counselor agreed that this was something that would really help. She had it done at the end of the summer, healed while she was with me, then went to college.

I can’t tell you how different she was. Confident, happy, she finally wore clothes that did not hide her body, the whole nine meters. She even asked someone at the beach.

She came home for spring break and finally wore something that her mom noticed, and I guess mom saw the scar. She hit the roof and started yelling at Jenny for what she had done, asking her if she had really spent her college money on something so frivolous, etc. ” her, so I confessed.

I am blacklisted. My sister basically thinks I’m Satan, misrepresenting her child’s self-esteem and self-image, that I should have told her to learn to love her body instead of giving in to food culture .

Jenny is happier than she has ever been. She is in better health. Besides, she was 18, and it’s something she’s wanted since she was 15. It didn’t make her want more surgeries, it made her cry with joy after trying on a tight dress for the first time. I don’t see how what I did was wrong. At all.

At the same time, I know that this is not my child. We went behind my sister’s back. Plastic surgery IS a big deal. So I do not know.

And here’s how Reddit users reacted.

A reader said this person was NTA and was just supporting her niece mentally and physically.

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And this Reddit user agreed and said the person’s sister was the one who was actually a**hole.

Screenshot 2022 08 19 at 9.13.16 AM They paid for their niece's tummy tuck after her parents said no.  Was she wrong?

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Another person also said they were NTA and said this surgery is actually recommended for people who are losing a lot of weight.

Screenshot 2022 08 19 at 9.14.27 AM They paid for their niece's tummy tuck after her parents said no.  Was she wrong?

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