Telefex Acquires Innovator in Bariatric Stapling Technology – Company

Image: Titan SGS’s one-of-a-kind design ensures more consistent staple formation (Photo courtesy of Standard Bariatrics)

Teleflex Incorporated (Wayne, PA, USA) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Standard Bariatrics, Inc. (Cincinnati, OH, USA) which has commercialized innovative powered stapling technology for bariatric surgery. Under the terms of the agreement, Teleflex will acquire Standard Bariatrics for an upfront cash payment of $170 million at closing, with additional consideration of up to $130 million payable upon the achievement of certain business milestones.

Standard Bariatrics’ Titan SGS addresses the unmet need for sleeve gastrectomy by providing surgeons with the longest continuous staple cutting line of 23 centimeters. This first-of-its-kind stapler can help users achieve a more consistent and symmetrical sleeve pocket anatomy, allowing their patients to achieve optimized results. Although each patient’s anatomy is different, the Titan SGS Long Staple line allows surgeons to plan and place staples in a single shot, minimizing the variations sometimes associated with using multiple staple shots at overlapping short cartouche. Additionally, the design can result in a safer staple line and less chance of leaks, as evidenced by higher burst pressures.

“Teleflex’s strategy is to invest in innovative products and technologies that can significantly improve clinical efficiency, patient safety and comfort, reduce complications and reduce the overall cost of care,” said Liam Kelly, CEO. “The acquisition of Standard Bariatrics adds an exciting and differentiated product to serve the large and growing sleeve gastrectomy market, which we estimate to perform approximately 120,000 procedures per year in the United States. Additionally, the agreement enables Teleflex to leverage our strength in our existing bariatric surgeon appeal point, with a differentiated product that complements many of our key surgical products, including our ligation portfolio, MiniLap percutaneous surgical system and Weck EFx fascial closure portfolio.

Founded in 1943, Teleflex has grown from an engineering-focused operating company to a pureplay medical device company through a series of acquisitions.

2020 Z-Medica – General and Plastic Surgery; general hospital and health care supply; wound management

2018 Essential Medical – Cardiology

2017 Neotract – Urology; wound management

2017 Pyng Medical – Drug Delivery; Obstetrics and Gynecology

2017 Vascular Solutions – Cardiology; general hospital and health care supply; wound management

2016 Nostix – Drug Delivery

2015 Truphatek International – Endoscopy

2014 Mayo Healthcare – Distribution Company

2014 Mini-Lap Technologies – General and plastic surgery

2013 Vidacare – Drug Delivery; general and plastic surgery; patient follow-up

2013 Innolap Surgical – Endoscopy; general and plastic surgery

2013 Ultimate Medical – Anesthesia & Respiratory

2013 Eon Surgical – Endoscopy; general and plastic surgery

2012 LMA International – Anesthesia & Respiratory

2012 Hotspur Technologies – Cardiology; drug administration

2012 Sempros Biosciences – Administration of drugs; in vitro diagnostics

2012 Axiom Technology Partners – Endoscopy

2007 Arrow International – Vascular Access Products

2004 Hudson RCI – Respiratory Therapy Products

1994 General Medical OEM Division – OEM Design and Development

1993 Edward Weck Incorporated – Surgical Instruments

1991 Pilling – Surgical Instruments

1989 Willy Rusch AG – Medical devices for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

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