Tech workers undergo leg-lengthening surgery to grow 3 inches taller

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A Las Vegas plastic surgeon has made a stunning admission to QG magazine: He claims to be able to increase a person’s height by three inches through a painful procedure, and a significant portion of his patients are employees of technology companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Meta.

The doctor’s name is Kevin Debiparshad, and he is the founder of LimbplastX, the clinic that performs a leg lengthening procedure in which titanium pins are implanted into the intramedullary canal of the bone to make it longer. Although this is a serious surgical procedure, it can usually be performed with one inch incision and three 1/2 inch incisions for femur lengthening. Tibial lengthening, which must be done later if the patient wants to grow up to six inches taller, requires two additional small incisions to implant the device.

The operation costs between $70,000 and $150,000 depending on how many inches a patient wants to grow, and they can go back to their normal life (yes, taller) just weeks after having the surgery.

The operation consists of having to fracture the femur to insert the pins and extending them a little each day using a magnetic system until the desired height (three to six inches) is reached. The process takes about a year from start to finish, and then the pins are removed at an additional cost of $14,000 to $20,000.

Debiparshad operates on patients in all sectors, but technology-related employees dominate: I joke that I could open a tech company,” said the doctor QG. I have like 20 software engineers doing this procedure right now who are here in Vegas. There was a girl yesterday from PayPal. I have patients from Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft. I had several Microsoft patients.”

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