SWFL plastic surgeons report increase in male breast surgeries

LEE COUNTY, Fla .– Plastic surgeons in Southwest Florida are seeing an increase in male breast surgeries.

Under the medical term of gynecomastia, surgery involves reducing the enlarged male breast tissue in both men and boys.

To solve this problem, some now choose to go under the knife.

“The most common procedure that we see in the United States according to statistics is gynecomastia surgery or human breast surgery,” said Dr. Kiran Gill, certified plastic surgeon at the Naples Aesthetic Institute.

A practitioner in Collier County, Dr. Gill said a good portion of her male clients seeking this breast reduction surgery do so because of their active lifestyle.

“A lot of my men who are retired in their golf shirts are looking for gynecomastia surgery,” Dr. Gill said.

But it’s not just the retired men who may have moved to Southwest Florida for surgery. A much younger population is also seeking help.

“Patients who have had gynecomastia surgery and liposuction tend to be a bit younger because they have suffered from this since their teenage years, so they often come in their twenties and thirties,” Dr. Michael Kim said. , a plastic surgeon who practices in Lee County.

This is especially the case for Dr Ralph Garramone who has stated that the majority of his clients who come for breast reduction surgery are younger.

“Most men who have this problem complain that they don’t want to take their shirt off in public or even with a shirt on. Looks like they have a small breast rather than a more masculine breast, ”said Dr Garramone.

Another reason why so many men say “yes” to this surgery is the recovery time.

“After a long weekend or a week, most patients are comfortable enough to return to work,” said Dr Garramone.

In addition, most patients are extremely satisfied with the results.

“They have better definition of the pectoral muscle, the pectoral muscle and they don’t feel as aware of how their chest looks in and out of clothing,” said Dr. Garramone.

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