Stunning 70pc Deliveries Made by Section C

ISLAMABAD: Health officials have claimed that 70% of deliveries are performed unnecessarily through surgeries by gynecologists in Pakistan, compared to 21% of cesarean births globally.

Meanwhile, the Sehat Sahulat program has equalized the rates of both types of deliveries, leading to a sharp drop in caesarean section operations in private hospitals. “More than 70% of babies in Pakistan were born by caesarean section, but when the ‘Sehat Sahulat Program’ team negotiated with hospitals and offered them the same rates for normal deliveries and surgery, caesarean births dropped to 60%, showing that more than 10% of babies are born unnecessarily through surgery,” Muhammad Arshad, program director general Sehat Sahulat, said at a seminar on Friday.

The CEO maintained that a few months ago, at the request of the Punjab Health Minister, the caesarean section charges for private hospitals associated with the Sehat Sahulat scheme were increased, but after the increase, the incidence of caesarean immediately jumped to 83%. forced to lower the rates and make them equal to normal deliveries to avoid unnecessary caesarean sections of pregnant women. “Currently, more than 1,082 hospitals are associated with the Sehat Sahulat program, of which 70% are private health facilities, while the rest are public sector hospitals.

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