Steve Hofmeyr congratulates his daughter for her bravery during a medical procedure

Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr shared photos of his daughter in hospital yesterday, saying he and his wife Janine were more traumatized by the dental procedure than their daughter, Romy-lee.

He said Romy-lee was brave throughout the process and the toddlers have resilience.

“I went with her for the anesthesia but she didn’t complain or cry once. I just reached out and held daddy’s thumb.

Hofmeyr also underwent dental surgery on Monday.

“I’m going to the dentist this morning,” he explained in his Facebook post on Monday.

“I’m telling you this so you know why I look a little weird on TikTok,” he explained.

Yesterday he told fans about Facebook that the implantation was fortunately painless.

“As a child, I was more afraid of the dentist than of the devil in the children’s bible. Later it gets better,” he wrote, asking fans about their dental history.

However, her daughter Romy-lee’s two dental procedures appear to have been a little more intense, and with that also came the challenges of recently restored weight loss.

“It has to be said that a highly professional medical team makes a huge difference, given the offloading that occurred midway through the procedure,” the singer wrote.

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Steve Hofmeyr captioned a photo, in which his daughter is lying in a hospital bed, saying: “Directly after two procedures. She didn’t complain or cry once before or after. I’m so proud of my pumpkin.

He also shared a photo of her holding her two little thumbs up, saying, “Two hours later and ready to play. Farmhouse, that one.

Steve Hofmeyr seems to have a very special bond with his daughter.

In Monday’s Facebook post, he wrote that he had gone driving with her the night before.

“For hours. Chatted a bit. I miss her more and more when I’m away on weekends.

Luckily, all dental procedures are a thing of the past for now, and they can get back on the road, chatting away, once again.

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