Ricky Martin claims cosmetic surgery for a new face


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Ricky Martin’s cosmetic surgery allegations ignite controversy on the internet. They started when Martin appeared in an interview with Enrique Iglesias on Entertainment Tonight.

In the video interview, Martin looked almost unrecognizable, with a much tighter face that distorted his features. At least that was the opinion of some fans. You can watch the video here. You can also watch it below.

Ricky Martin is 49 years old.

“Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin launch massive tour in Sin City,” ET headlined in the video.

Fans laughed at Martin’s face and possible cosmetic surgery on Twitter.

Here’s what you need to know:

Martin and Enrique Iglesias talked about their new tour, but all the fans wanted to talk about Martin’s new face

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The transformation happened quickly. On September 12, 2021, Martin posted a video on his Instagram page in which he looked more like himself.

In July, he looked like old Ricky Martin.

The ET interview reported that Martin and Iglesias were set to depart on a 26-stop tour that would launch in Las Vegas, Nevada. On ET, Iglesias said it would be a “massive show.”

They have been friends for 25 years. Iglesias revealed they had a bet where the loser “would have to go on stage with a thong inside out”.

The men also discussed how they prepare for a show. “What I do is try to spend some quiet time, warm up and stretch, pray a bit,” Martin said.

They also talked about families. Martin spoke about her four children and said her husband will stay home with the babies during his tour due to COVID-19.

Fan joked that Martin was turning into Marilyn Manson

Fans toasted Martin’s new look on Twitter. A Twitter user posted a photo of Carrie Bradshaw’s character and wrote, “I couldn’t help but wonder… Was Ricky Martin’s new face a sign of a new era? Is he still able to shake his voucher or is he going after him now? When it comes to plastic surgery, are we supposed to share our private emotion… or should we continue to experience vida lockdown? “

One fan wondered if this was a joke.

Some people thought Martin had turned into actor Mickey Rourke.

Some people seemed genuinely upset by her changing look.

A man defended Martin, write on twitter, “Let Ricky Martin buy the face he wants. He deserved it. You all need to relax.

But a woman wrote, “I know that’s not Ricky Martin from what happened to his face.”

Another Twitter user asked, “WHAT HAPPENED TO RICKY MARTIN’S FACE ????????

A woman wrote on Twitter, “#RickyMartin ruined his face with plastic surgery… ..I have never been so angry with a celebrity in my entire life. There was nothing wrong with his appearance, he was aging gracefully. He was aging gracefully. is now unrecognizable.

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