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Setting a new standard with performance-guided surgery

New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – Jan. 26, 2022) – — PCG Digital– Asensus Surgical, Inc. (NYSE American: ASXC) is leading the digital surgery market with a new concept known as name of Performance-Guided Operation”.

Asensus surgery

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When the smart phone in your pocket has more computing power than the standard technology in our hospital operating rooms, it’s time for a change. Asensus Surgical is a small-cap technology company whose mission is to disrupt the surgical landscape and set a new standard for the future of surgery.

The company’s technology platform, Senhance®, combines advanced robotics with augmented intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that work together to ensure that surgeons and operating room teams have the advanced technology they need. need to deliver superior patient outcomes.

It’s no secret that surgery can be unpredictable. One in five patients undergoing surgery has one or more complications, and preventable surgical complications cost healthcare systems billions of dollars each year. Senhance surgical platform digital laparoscopy devices enable surgeons to perform laparoscopic, minimally invasive and smart procedures where patients could experience fewer surgical complications and enjoy faster recovery times.

Going forward, Asensus’ Surgical Assurance Framework will be at the heart of performance-driven surgery, elevating the surgeon’s workload and providing advanced pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative intelligence to the surgical team. This framework will help surgeons prepare, plan and respond to the unexpected. Digital laparoscopic robotic devices and integrated computer vision and machine learning mimic traditional laparoscopic surgical instrument movements, for added safety and predictability.

Senhance surgical platform’s AI (augmented intelligence) system acts as a digital assistant to support the surgeon’s work, providing real-time clinical intelligence, not to mention an enhanced view of the operating field, for every surgery to increase safety and efficiency. Surgeons can take precise 3D measurements, place digital tags to help communicate with the OR team, and seamlessly zoom and pan throughout the procedure without extra effort. The platform can also guide surgeons in the event of the unexpected, so they can focus exclusively on patient outcomes.

The surgical robotics market is expected to reach $15 billion by 2026, yet less than 5% of current surgeries are performed robotically because the cost per procedure is so high. Reversing this unfavorable economic structure, Asensus offers hospitals and healthcare groups a low-cost entry into performance-guided surgery, as well as attractive rental models for its state-of-the-art surgical system, technology and mentorship at built-in distance. Fully reusable instruments also help reduce costs. It’s a model that makes fiscal and practical sense, and one that can improve the quality of care and lead to superior patient outcomes.

In 2021, surgeons performed over 2,000 procedures using the Senhance system. While competitors talk about the future, Asensus is already here. The company is revolutionizing minimally invasive surgery now with 39 active clinical sites and six training centers globally, with further growth expected in 2022 and beyond.

It’s time to expect more from surgery. It’s time to disrupt a market that desperately needs change.


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