Rakshanda Khan says he was advised to have nose surgery for “successful career”

Actor Rakshanda Khan has revealed that she was asked to have her nose done because she injured her nose as a child. The actor, who rose to fame with Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin, is back at work with the TV show Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na.

Rakshanda says some photographers advised her to have her nose repaired with plastic surgery and she even thought about it.

The actor told a leading daily, “My nose has been bothering me for years since I started modeling. I had a fall when I was two and it upset my nose. When I was 20, some photographers told me: ‘Ek kaam karo nose ki surgery karva lo bada achha carriere hoga (do you have nose surgery, you will have a successful career.’ , but I realized it would be too complicated to go through. Kaun surgery karvaayega, do hafte plastic laga kar naak by baithega (who is going to have surgery, sit for two weeks with plastic on his nose). was easier for me to start I love my nose! Eventually I got to a point where I made my peace with it. “

Rakshanda believes in graceful aging and is satisfied with the way she looks. Speaking of loving our real selves, she said, “Fairness creams, anti-aging creams, lift creams and fillers, theek hai bhai lekin harr cheez agar aap ek limit mein karte ho (but everything should be limited).”

She previously told The Hindustan Times that she was fortunate enough to land a variety of roles in her career. “It depends on how you look at age. It can also be intimidating, fun, depressing, or interesting or wherever you are in life, mentally. With age, a lot of things change in life. If you are a TV actor in your 40s, you will be offered a particular type of role. I am blessed to have had the chance to experience many roles, including drama and the supernatural, ”she said.

Rakshanda Khan: Happy to experiment with roles even now

Rakshanda plays a negative role in Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na. It is the love story of a prince and a simple girl. It stars Leenesh Moto, Anjali Tatrari and Avinesh Rekhi in the lead roles.

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