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Nicholas Howland claimed that social media, and in particular Tik Tok, sparked demand for perfect buttocks, toned legs and athletic features. He said the days when women came to his clinic with pictures of J Lo, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce and said “I want this one” are long gone.

He revealed that single women in their 20s and 30s are now saying they want the perfect butt for yoga pants, skinny jeans and casual wear popular with influencers.

To do this, the ‘hip dip’ is filled with fat from their backs to create a small but curvy hourglass figure with full buttocks in a procedure called a ‘mini Brazilian butt lift’.

Dr Howland says he has seen demand for the “mini BBL” increase over the past two years, with patients now showing him influencer Tik Tok clips instead of paparazzi photos.

The owner of Howland Plastic Surgery, in Salt Lake City, Utah, said demand for the procedure has doubled in just two years and “is here to stay.”

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“People show my photos and videos from the app and Instagram saying ‘this is what I want’.

“My patients are athletic in this 20 and 30 age bracket, they are usually single and come from all kinds of financial backgrounds.

“One thing they have in common is that they don’t want that big, huge booty, they want something that looks a little more subtle and naturally feminine.

“We used to see people bring in pictures of Kim Kardashian and J Lo but it’s really rare now.

“Honestly, the celebrities they emulate are the Tik Tok pants that make the butt look good – that’s the look most of these women go for.”

Dr Howland, 39, says he performs two of these procedures every week, which has almost doubled from last year.

The most subtle procedure is to fill the “hip dips” with fat from their abdomen, stomach and sides to create an hourglass figure.

The notches between the hip and the leg are then hidden by the injections, creating a fuller look.

Dr Howland, 39, injects fat between muscle and skin to sculpt the patient’s buttocks, using a safe and approved procedure.

The experienced surgeon has been practicing for 14 years and says the procedure is becoming a staple of his surgeries.

“The new buzzword is hip dip,” said Dr. Howland – who is also a co-owner of Canyon Crest Surgical Center and Clarity Skin Med Spa.

“You look at a female figure and you see this hourglass shape, the way our hip bones are structured, you don’t get that full shape.

“Most people have a hollow on the side and that’s pretty natural, but some women have pockets of fat that can develop there.

“For women who train a lot and are quite toned, they don’t have that shape.

“But by doing a little liposuction and putting some fat in it, we can make that fuller look and you ‘fix’ those hips in your hips.

“Over the past two years, I’ve seen him really gain ground.

“He’s here to stay, but he’s never going to get past breast augmentation, tummy tucks and things like that, but he will be one of the mainstays of plastic surgery.”

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