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Panaji: Since the establishment of an independent burns unit at GMC three years ago, a decrease in burn-related mortality has been observed thanks to the availability of better facilities.
“We have seen a significant decrease in burn mortality, especially for patients with 30 to 60% burns. The first year the death rate was 30%, the second year it fell to 7% and now it is 4%, ”said Dr Yuri Dias Amborcar, Head of Plastic Surgery, GMC.
Previously, the major burns unit was part of the general surgery department. In addition to the decrease in deaths, they have better results, burn victims having less or less severe malformations.
“Having better facilities has significantly reduced patient deformities and improved their quality of life. Previously, deformities from burns were common and required surgical correction. Patients would end up paralyzed after surviving burns, ”he said.
They succeeded in reducing the deformations by adopting preventive procedures. There is a dedicated team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists. By adopting preventive measures, it is found that patients with severe burns who are likely to be paralyzed after recovery, are cured in the right mode.
The service receives all kinds of cases of burns, those having burned accidentally, either at home or at the factory, homicides and suicide. He also receives one or two cases per month of elderly women who have suffered accidental burns at home while practicing pooja. “We see many cases of elderly women accidentally burned at home during a ritual,” he said.
Besides regular procedures, he also performs cosmetic surgeries – liposuction, fat transplant, hair transplant, breast reduction. “We do cosmetic procedures like breast reduction, rhinoplasty, hair transplant, but people generally don’t go to a government facility due to the confidentiality factor. We have fewer cases in this segment, ”he said.
The department has 24 beds – 12 each for general and plastic surgery – it will be allocated more beds after being moved to a new super-specialty block that was used as a covid hospital.

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