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PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chapter of the Pakistan Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons is about to launch a campaign to raise awareness about laparoscopic surgeries to treat obesity and prevent diabetes, arthritis, infertility, hypertension and other health problems in obese people.

Professor Mohammad Zarin of Khyber University Hospital in Peshawar told Dawn that obesity was a major public health problem but people had yet to benefit from a new surgery introduced in hospitals. public due to a lack of awareness.

“We are planning to hold sessions with doctors, media and civil society organizations on the fact that obesity is completely curable if people contact the right surgeons. Our surgical results are in line with international standards and the people feel a change in their lives after successfully undergoing surgeries,” he said.

Professor Zarin, who is the general secretary of the KP section of the PSM&BS, said the society was conducting a study on the outcomes of surgeries performed in the province.

Prof KTH Zarin says people have yet to benefit from surgical facility in government hospitals

He said surgeries protect people against obesity and related problems.

“We can reduce the number of obesity-related diseases through laparoscopy, the results of which are very encouraging,” he said.

The general secretary of the society said that the Society of Bariatric Surgeons was established in 2017 and started performing surgeries in Peshawar in the same year.

He said hundreds of surgeries have so far been performed with results comparable to international results.

“Now surgeons at Hayatabad Medical Complex and Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar and University Hospitals in Abbottabad and Swat are performing these procedures but the number of people opting for it is very low,” he said. -he declares.

Prof Zarin said the society was also sensitizing doctors to refer obese people for surgeries as most of these patients were unaware of the new surgical techniques to alleviate their misery.

“Four research papers are being published regarding laparoscopic outcomes, public and physician awareness of the disease, and surgical solutions,” he said.

Professor Rohul Muqim, a former KTH doctor, told Dawn that Pakistan was ranked 45th in the world when it comes to obesity levels ten years ago, but is currently in ninth place, which shows the seriousness of the problem.

“Anyone with a body mass index over 40 needs this surgery, while people over 35 with conditions like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, heart and lung problems, ‘infertility and sleep apnea will require bariatric surgery’. he said.

Professor Muqim said patients should see a doctor for a year after surgery.

“We looked at most patients leading normal lives after undergoing surgery, which not only addresses obesity, but also diabetes, hypertension and their other issues,” he said. .

PSM&BS Chairman Prof. Muzaffaruddin Sadiq said the company will introduce laparoscopic surgeries in district hospitals and hold sessions with doctors to refer patients to surgeons.

“Our first goal is to begin these surgeries in all teaching hospitals in the province. It is not cosmetic surgery and instead it is done to reduce weight and thus cure other related issues,” he said.

The company’s president said a variety of procedures were available, but three were the most common to reduce stomach capacity and minimize food absorption.

Posted in Dawn, January 30, 2022

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