Physiotherapy Residency Program | VA Health Care St Louis

Residency Mission To educate thoughtful clinicians who can integrate and synthesize specialized practice, knowledge, and skills to provide exceptional, evidence-based physiotherapy services to veterans across the continuum of care.

Program Goals and Objectives

Prepare residents to become board-certified clinical specialists by providing:​

  • Clinical rotations across the continuum of care, with a variety of diagnoses consistent with the Description of Residency Practice (RPD)​
  • Didactic teaching from multiple modalities, including e-learning with access to multiple platforms, access to ABPTS-recommended textbooks, journal databases, and opportunities to consult with specialists and clinicians certified by the counsel with advanced knowledge/skills in a specialized area of ​​practice.
  • Structured mentorship with board-certified specialists in a variety of specialty areas and practice settings
  • Opportunities to advance teaching skills, including professional presentations, lab assistance, and supervision of DPT students

Increase the quality and level of care of the VA physiotherapy department by:

  • Support staff growth in the area of ​​clinical teaching and mentoring.
  • Guide residents to provide staff with internal services on topics specific to PT specialty areas.​
  • To inspire other staff therapists to participate in the advancement of the physiotherapy profession.

Retain newly trained clinical specialists within the VA system, whether in St. Louis or other parts of the country by:

  • Demonstrate through best practices that VA is a highly desirable employer for physical therapists.
  • Recruit and consider all successfully graduated residents for open full-time positions within the VA-STLHCS and/or nationally within the Veterans Health Administration system.

Maintain ABPTRFE accreditation for all PT residency programs by:

  • Demonstrate compliance with residence quality standards in a timely manner
  • presentation of annual program reports.
  • Continually improve residency programs by submitting annual reports to ABPTRFE and recording meeting minutes.​
  • Successful renewal of program accreditation by ABPTRFE.​

Maintain all VA-St. Louis Physiotherapy Residency Programs by:​

  • Attracting quality candidates.​
  • Maintain an appropriate level of clinical specialists and mentors on staff.
  • Ensure financial stability through the Office of Academic Affairs.​
  • Demonstrate resident satisfaction assessed through a post-graduation survey.

Support the mission of the sponsoring organization by:​

  • The resident meeting the clinic’s productivity standards


VA St. Louis Health Care System

Contact number)

314-652-4100 Ext. 54437

Business hours

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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