Patients forced to refer to private hospitals as Ernakulam medical facility faces specialist shortage – The New Indian Express

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KOCHI: Lack of treatment facilities and specialist surgeons at Ernakulam Medical College Hospital (MCH) and General Hospital (GH) cause severe inconvenience to patients and force them to depend on private hospitals, which charge fees. large sums despite the suffering of people pandemic.

“My nine year old son complained of stomach pain and a growth was found during a CT scan at a private hospital in Vyttila. They said it should be deleted. We couldn’t pay the amount they were asking for. We approached the Ernakulam MCH and later the GH, but learned that there were no pediatric surgeons in the two hospitals. We were asked to approach the Kottayam MCH, ”said Upendranath TR, artist and resident of Vyttila.

“Many families are going through a difficult phase due to the pandemic. We were hit financially for two years, ”he said.

Not just Upendranath, but many others like him are forced to seek treatment elsewhere due to the lack of facilities at the MCH and GH Ernakulam.

Ernakulam MCH lacks specialist surgeons in many important branches, including neurology, urology, cardiology, pediatrics and gastro.

“We don’t have an effective trauma care wing and the emergency department deals with major cases and provides basic care. We normally refer critically ill patients to Kottayam and Thrissur medical schools or to private hospitals. The main crisis we are facing is the lack of intensive care beds to treat non-Covid patients. There are only 14 intensive care beds to accommodate them. Admission is not refused, but people generally prefer not to wait for the beds to become available, ”said a chief medical officer at the Ernakulam Children’s.

To add to the woes, the emergency room is being renovated at the Children’s and is now functioning in one ward.

The psychiatric inpatient wing ceased to function after the service was converted to a Covid triage area. MCH officials say the next super-specialty block would solve many problems.

“The state of our MCH is pathetic. Work on the super-specialty block is progressing at a slow pace, mainly due to the lack of manpower, ”said Dr NK Sanil Kumar, Justice VR Movement member Krishna Iyer.

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