Patients are still in the dark about the future of failed Northampton and Earls Barton surgeries


Earls Barton Medical Center
Earls Barton Medical Center

Around 9,500 patients in two failed Northamptonshire surgeries still don’t know what will happen next after wardens resume the practices.

The Northamptonshire Clinical Commissioning Group, which contracts for NHS services, canceled registrations at Earls Barton and Penvale Park medical centers on Friday 9 July.

The CCG promises that both surgeries will remain open and that patients “will continue to have access to basic clinical services”.

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However, details on what the change means for those registered in the surgeries remain scarce.

Patients have had no direct contact since the surgery and some have taken to social media admitting they still don’t know what’s going to happen.

Senior partner Dr Muhammed Azizullah has also been removed from his post as a registered manager responsible for ensuring compliance with statutory surgeries, although this does not prevent him from continuing to work as a general practitioner.

Wellingborough’s doctor’s office, Albany House Medical Center – which also handles village surgery in Wollaston – now manages Earls Barton on a ‘keeper’ basis after being put on hold to move in at short notice.

Northampton CCG Managing Director Toby Sanders said: “The action taken by the CQC was about the registration to run and manage the practice, not the clinical recording of an individual clinician working there.

“The holders of the registration have a right of appeal which must be exercised within 28 days.

“The CCG has worked with the CQC and in parallel with the practice to put in place management arrangements in the event that another practice is required to intervene and perform the surgeries in the short term.

“As commissioners of general medical services, the NHS Northamptonshire CCG has appointed the already identified custodian cabinet to ensure continuity of care.

“Albany House Medical Center, a general practitioner practice deemed good by the CQC, has been appointed and has taken over the day-to-day management of Earls Barton and Penvale Park surgeries.

“Both surgeries remain open and patients will continue to have access to basic clinical services offered as before. We ask that patients continue to attend pre-booked appointments and other clinics unless they are are not contacted directly by either surgery.

“These guarding measures will remain in place for as long as necessary.

“The CCG is committed to ensuring safe and quality care for all 9,500 registered patients and we actively support the caregiver during this time. “

The Earls Barton Medical Center website lists 27 medical and administrative staff currently working in the two surgeries.

The GCC gave no indication whether they would keep their jobs, or which GPs would be available for patients at Earls Barton and Penvale Park.


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