Nigerian women and the rush for cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is not new to Nigerian women. However, its availability in the country has made it possible for women to correct and repair their bodies as they wish. Daily Trust on Sunday dissects the trend.

Last year, popular social media influencer Omolola Taiwo Temilade called out Dr Anuoluwapo Adepoju, popularly known as Dr Anu of Med outline, for performing cosmetic surgery on her who didn’t. is not well finished. The socialite complained that she spent millions since the process went wrong.

In an interview with BBC Pidgin, she revealed this; “After the operation, I started to have complications. I started having burns in my stomach, burns in my waist, numbness in my waist, and after two months I started to have fatty necrosis.

“The wound she inflicted on me has not yet healed. I still go to the hospital every other day. And to heal the wound, sometimes I spend 7,000 N, sometimes 10,000 N it depends because sometimes I can open the wound and another fatty necrosis is already next to the wound. Doctors will need to do another operation to get this one out. Sometimes the wound will become infected, so a swab will be needed. I buy drugs.

Another lady also called the same Dr Anu for causing her fat necrosis, claiming that she had been abroad for a long time before coming to Nigeria, she had not heard of Dr Anu’s botched surgeries.

There was a time in Nigeria when the idea of ​​cosmetic surgery sounded like a taboo. Women weren’t free or daring enough to say that they had worked their bodies. Even those who felt like it traveled to countries in Europe for their procedures as it was considered a very risky procedure in Nigeria.

The story is not the same. The opportunity to enter a hospital and a daring demand for cosmetic surgery was created. Nigeria is now equipped with trained professionals who offer procedures such as BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), liposuction and fat transfer, adjusting specific features such as nose, lips, chin and jaw line. .

Social media exposure and obsession also play a big part in the cosmetic surgery craze. Social media is now filled with women who have created the apparent narrative of what the perfect body should look like – a petite waist with big hips, buttocks and shapely breasts.

However, even with the risks and complications associated with the procedures, it is still on the rise, as many believe that the procedure has both its pros and cons.

A lady who spoke to Daily Trust on Sunday and had liposuction told Daily Trust on Sunday that she was uncomfortable being a tall woman, which was the reason she opted for for surgery. She explained that “I wasn’t ready to work out at the gym and thought it would be easier to deal with an already trimmed body than having to go to the gym all the time.

Another lady, Abigail Uwah, said she was considering the procedure because she cherished the idea of ​​having a perfect body. When asked what her reasons were, she replied; “I want to walk into a room and have all my eyes on me. I want to feel confident and know that every part of my body is the way I want it to be.

Although the trend is becoming very popular and gradually becoming a way of life for the Nigerian girl, it is still an idea that seems absurd to Nigerian parents.

= Ms Davina Effiom, who has two daughters, said she would not let her children perform such procedures as they may not make it alive. She noted that “As long as my daughters are under my roof, they will learn to appreciate and love the bodies they have, after all, God made no mistakes in the ones he gave them.” .

Another mother, Ms Ekpe, however, said body dysmorphia is an important thing and with the hype all over social media, parents may have no choice but to support what they want. their daughters. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t control your children’s actions, but if you see that your daughter is uncomfortable with her body and you have the money to afford it. the best cosmetic surgeon, you don’t know the joy you will bring to this child, ”she said.

Chief Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Keffi Federal Medical Center, Dr Gana Josiah told Daily Trust on Sunday that long before the perfection craze on social media, many Nigerian women had traveled to foreign countries to do their bodywork. . “Before cosmetic surgeons became readily available in Nigeria, women traveled to Dubai, Turkey, North America and Europe to perform their operations,” he said.

Dr Gana noted that 80% of women who come to see him for cosmetic surgery actually need it, while the other percentage opt for the procedures due to peer pressure, inferiority complex and shame. bodily.

According to Dr. Gana; “As an African woman, there is a particular morphology to which you are entitled. However, some of the people who come for these procedures have flat buttocks and often the dresses and skirts do not match their body, so in a way they deserve to have their body corrected by giving a little more weight. flesh and lift to their buttocks. For example, a 16 year old girl with sagging breasts is not normal and she may decide to remedy this with cosmetic surgery.

However, if after consultation we find that the need for cosmetic surgery arises from psychological issues, inferiority complex, we often insist that the patient go to a clinical psychiatrist to deal with their underlying trauma and emotion.

He noted that going for cosmetic surgery is as risky as any other surgery. “Every operation has its complications. Childbirth is an even more complicated procedure than cosmetic surgery. However, people who often suffer from complications during their surgeries are those who see doctors who are not qualified for the job, who may have underlying health issues and have not mentioned it, or who have too many surgeries in one sitting.

“To avoid the risks, I always tell people to look for qualified surgeons, to ask about the process and the risks that come with surgeries. Many of these young girls simply go on the internet to find out where they could easily perform the procedure without even considering their safety and that is why they come back later with one complaint or another.

Dr Gana also noted that these procedures are not cheap and it is through the fees that one can determine the quality and qualification of their surgical surgeon. “These surgeries are not cheap, the equipment and the risks involved are too high to charge an average amount. However, after consultation and all necessary checks are carried out by the doctor, a procedure can range from 1.3 m N to 3 m N.

Pastor Tunde Oyeyipo, who expressed a religious opinion, said that “Except in the case of corrective surgery due to an accident, there is no justifiable reason why one should decide to go under the knife just because that they think they are not beautiful enough or beautiful enough. . “

It further explains Ecclesiastes 7:29 says; “See, that alone I found, that God made the righteous man, and they looked for a lot of inventions.” This verse explains why humans dig deep for perfections.

The argument as Christians is that God created all things to be perfect, so why take the risk of tampering with God’s creation, especially when it is not necessary.

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