Nicole Kidman’s Plastic Surgery: What Changes Did It Bring?

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Nicole Kidman’s performance in the finale of HBO’s “The Undoing” stunned everyone, but it was her face that had people talking.

Everyone wondered if the actress had done a little work in the last couple of years because of her fresh, taut skin. Nicole hasn’t developed a single wrinkle on her face since 2002.

The Blast spoke to the well-known team of plastic surgeons, Dr Frank Agullo aka Dr Worldwide and Pam Agullo.

Dr. Agullo spoke with Blast about the treatments Nicole may have had to look so young and how others can achieve the same look.

“It looks like Nicole has just had several treatments and surgeries on her face and neck,” he told The Blast. “She appears to have had fat injections in her face to repair the loss of volume that occurs with age. This, in addition to a possible face and neck lift, helps to address sagging skin and injections under the eyes.

“Nicole looks radiant and cheerful these days, probably because she’s become neurotoxic all over her face, which attacks wrinkles,” Pam Agullo, MD, tells Blust. “She also seems to have had some volume added to her face, perhaps with fat injections or fillers. Her jawline looks more sculpted and her lips seem to have been plumped up to a very natural shape.

I think she worked her chin; her skin is as beautiful and glowing as it has always been, and you can tell she takes fantastic care of it.


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