NFL Fans Think Tom Brady Had ‘Plastic Surgery’ And Grilled His Press Conference Appearance

The The NFL announced the best football player of 2022 is Tom Brady and everyone may wonder if he had plastic surgery.

He made an announcement on Aug. 28 regarding his recent furlough from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers earlier this month, and the internet kicked off a major roasting session.

The quarterback was okay with coach Todd Bowles on his time off, and while many thought it was for a better work/life balance, others thought he was on the masked singer. Each theory was debunked and Brady finally addressed his 11-day sabbatical at a press conference.

“I’m 45, man. There’s a lot of bullshit going on. So you just gotta figure life out as best you can and, you know, it’s an ongoing process,” he said in a video. obtained by TMZ Sports.

Fans immediately took to Twitter and jumped at her appearance, as many remarked on her “new hair and chiseled cheeks.” according to a user who posted an excerpt from Revenge of a Blonde alluding to the athlete undergoing plastic surgery.

A lot of people continued to play to this trope, as one woman bluntly said that must have been the reason she left. The tweet compared him to the “handsome Squidward”. She then posted a side-by-side photo of the athlete and a cartoon.

“Tom Brady’s full transformation into a Zoolander character is nearly complete. Anyone with a brain knows the latest disappearance is another cosmetic surgery,” posted another.

A man congratulated the player. He said Brady finally said something relevant to people his age.

While many NFL viewers are still wondering the real reason for his departure, the League presented him with a prestigious award for a fourth year in the midst of his return.

The Tampa star is back on the court and ready to play again.

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