New lasers will be presented on the Device Technologies RANZCO exhibition

Meridian Medical develops high precision ophthalmic laser devices.

Device Technologies will unveil a new portfolio of ophthalmic lasers at RANZCO Virtual 2022, following a new ANZ distribution agreement with Meridian Medical.

With manufacturing facilities located in Thun, Switzerland, Meridian’s ophthalmic laser systems include retinal photocoagulation, YAG lasers, delivery devices, protective filters and consumables including laser probes.

Cataract and refractive surgeons may also be interested in one of Haag-Streit’s latest products, The Eyestar 900, at the Device Technologies stand.

Eyestar 900 from Haag-Streit, distributed by Device Technologies.

The swept-source OCT-based ocular analyzer is said to enable accurate measurement and topographic assessment of the front and back corneal surface, including the anterior chamber and intraocular lens, as well as imaging of all these structures. . It also includes cornea-retina biometrics.

“This level of diagnostic imaging allows the user to easily verify any measurement and identify anatomical abnormalities that may interfere with planned surgical procedures, while also providing the ability to review a patient’s suitability. to specific procedures, such as toric or multifocal IOLs, which makes the Eyestar an ideal surgical planning partner for cataract and refractive surgeons,” said Device Technologies.

The RANZCO Virtual Congress begins later this week, Saturday, February 26 through Tuesday, March 1 at noon.

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