New cosmetic surgery guidelines: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Faridkot, October 9

The National Medical Commission (NMC) Ethics and Medical Registration Council has recently issued guidelines on cosmetic surgery and hair transplant procedures.

This was done to control “mushroom parlors” performing such procedures under unprofessional hands, without required qualifications and without medical supervision.

As per the guidelines, hair transplantation should only be undertaken by those with formal surgical training such as MCh/DNB (plastic surgery) and MD/DNB (dermatology) with adequate training in dermatological surgical procedures and these specialties must have hair transplantation as a core subject in their curriculum.

It is unethical for a physician to train someone to perform or assist in surgery who is not a licensed professional licensed to do so. As cosmetic procedures are not emergency surgeries, there is no reason to allow an untrained person to perform them under the guise of “exceptional circumstances,” read the guidelines.

Operating room assistants and technicians must have medical training, such as nurses, lab technicians and pharmacists.


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