Modern Medical Weight Loss opens medical weight loss clinic in Louisville, KY

LOUISVILLE, Ky., August 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Modern Medical Weight Loss Announces the Grand Opening of a New Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Louisville Kentucky, offering the most advanced medical weight loss formula for over two decades. Led by locally licensed nurse practitioners, this effective, safe and affordable therapy is available in the Louisville region by calling (502) 325-3380 or by visiting

It has been over two decades since research has led to significant developments in the weight loss industry, although there is an overeating epidemic in the United States. Ill health caused by being overweight is also on the rise. One practitioner, the doctor who developed the modern medical formula for weight loss, felt it was time to approach the problem in a new way. The result is this medical weight loss therapy that does not require surgery or serious medication.

Modern Medical Weight Loss is a clinic of professionals trained to work with patients who need to lose weight, but want to do so without invasive gastric bypass surgery or stimulant-based pharmaceuticals. Modern Medical Weight Loss offers an innovative protein-based therapy that is easy to administer, 100% safe and FDA cleared. Using the same form of protein that the human body produces naturally, this therapy is designed to elevate protein in the system. This sends a signal that the patient is not hungry and in fact is fully satisfied with only a small portion of food.

Most weight loss programs focus on increasing metabolism (and heart rate, which can be risky) or they limit how much a person can eat (gastric surgery or restriction diets). strict). What they don’t address is the serious problem of hunger when eating less. Modern medical weight loss therapy eliminates hunger and increases metabolism with a simple, natural formula of protein and the fat-fighting nutrient B-12. This therapy is designed to trigger the same physical response the body has when eating a fully satisfying meal. With this formula, patients report having more energy, and a desire to eat only small portions, all without feeling deprived.

For decades, doctors were limited to two options; Phentermine, (or Adipex), prescription stimulants that increase metabolism without curbing hunger – or gastric surgery. They insert a sleeve that limits the amount of food the patient can physically eat. It is a serious surgery with a long recovery time and requires a lifetime of changes in eating habits.

The Modern Medical Weight Loss Formula was developed by a weight loss physician who found that many of his patients either did not qualify for these methods or could not afford them. After years of research, this practitioner realized that by using the body’s proteins, they could mimic the feeling one has after eating. Now, this protein-based formula has been approved by the FDA and is helping thousands of patients lose weight without drastic lifestyle changes. Patients lose weight without having to diet or spend countless hours every day in a gym.

Modern Medical Weight Loss is open in Louisvilleand ready to offer safe and effective weight loss therapy for those who schedule an in-person consultation by calling (502) 325-3380.

Modern Medical Weight Loss is a new medical weight loss practice offering innovative protein therapy for those looking to lose weight without a complicated hard-to-follow program, serious medication or surgery.


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