Medical detox program welcomes patients from across Wyoming in first month of operation

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – In July, New Vision Withdrawal Management opened its first hospital-based medical detox program in Wyoming. During the program, patients will undergo a medically supervised detoxification process.

“We’ve already had people coming from out of county and people calling from out of state because people are willing to travel the short distance to get the right help,” said Shelby McMillan, director of New Vision.

The Inpatient Program is a medical service offered to help stabilize patients while they are going through acute withdrawal. According to New Vision, patients are placed on a specific stabilization protocol containing drugs programmed to treat the patients.

Although the program is not a rehabilitation center, patients work with staff during their stay to create a personalized discharge plan based on their needs. Once discharged, the patient will be ready to move into the addiction recovery phase.

“Part of the process is that a doctor will stabilize the patient and help them feel as comfortable as possible during the most difficult part of the withdrawal process. We really focus on aftercare so that when these patients leave our doors, they have the support they need to really begin their recovery journey. Ultimately, it will keep them from going back to that same cycle,” McMillan said.

New Vision does not provide counseling or psychiatric services. The program states that it is not a residential or outpatient treatment program, but that its services are exclusive to short-term detoxification and discharge planning.

“The most recent community needs assessment indicated a strong, strong need for alcohol and drug treatment. At New Vision, we believe that anything designed to tackle the cycle of addiction will benefit all communities,” McMillan said.

According to McMillan, the program aims to offer same-day services whenever possible. New Vision can accommodate up to 16 patients at a time, but the space may depend on the number of beds used by the hospital in which they are located.

“The patient just picks up the phone and calls us. Our goal is to get these patients served the same day because we have beds, which is great,” McMillan said.

The New Vision program does not require a referral to receive treatment. Those interested in the services provided by New Vision can call 307-223-4400 or visit their website.

Wyoming’s only program is at Summit Medical Center in Casper, but New Vision hopes to expand across the state in the future.

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