MEDIA ALERT: HLTH 2021 – Sprinter Health to Showcase How Home Laboratory Prints and Testing Can Transform Access to Health Care

MENLO PARK, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Sprinter health:


17 – 19 October 2021


HLTH Conference Start-Up Pavilion Stand # 1155-9

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

Background: According to a CDC Report70% of medical decisions are based on lab results, but millions of patients fail to plan for lab services. Unfortunately, without laboratory work, doctors are unable to make a correct diagnosis and patients suffer, many miss the window of early detection and treatment. While the adoption of telehealth has increased during the pandemic, there are limits to what can be done virtually for necessary services such as lab prints and vital exams. Healthcare conversations between doctors and patients often involve lab work, vital signs, etc.

Sprinter health To raised $ 33 million in Series A funding to remove these common barriers to healthcare. The company sends employee nurses and (“Sprinters”) home for convenient and affordable lab prints, vital exams, COVID-19 testing, and more. the “last mile” of health care. Online booking, fasting reminders, text messages with estimated arrival times, and follow-up care instructions make these healthcare interactions as easy as ordering food delivery, regardless of whether they are initiated. by a patient, a healthcare professional or a specialized laboratory partner.

Visitors to the Sprinter Health booth can learn:

– How Sprinter Health Ensures Efficiency, Accuracy, and High Quality Care for Blood Samples, Vital Signs, and Home Laboratory Tests

– How healthcare systems, medical practices, insurance companies and specialty laboratories can partner with Sprinter Health

– Learn more about the booking experience and the Sprinter Checklist

For more information, please visit Sprinter Health at Follow us on LinkedIn at and Twitter @sprinterhealth.

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