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Photo shows Joven Rita Pascual (left) poses with his colleagues.

Joven Rita Pascual is in cosmetology and aesthetics doing hair transplantation, hair restoration and microblading. Multitasking herself, she honed her passion for hairstyling and aesthetics from an early age. She pursued her Masters in Business Administration and was able to help physicians build their practice from the ground up.

The 35-year-old founder and CEO of Glow Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, dubbed the first medical spa and plastic surgery clinic in the DC metro area, who recently traveled to the Philippines to explore a possible location for her new center, literally had to learn and understand many roles such as clinical side, marketing side, business side, reception side and human resources.

Pascual knew she always wanted to go back to her roots, showcase her culture and educate everyone about the Philippines.

However, she felt melancholy because she knew she wanted to get to a certain point but had to fully understand everything she was doing. Pascual had to hone her craft, so she performed many non-surgical hair restorations and partnered with doctors to perform the hair transplant surgeries.

She did the aesthetics and did her own and teamed up with plastic surgeons who started working for her.

Thereafter, she literally understood both the marketing side and the branding side. At present, it has about 10 highly qualified plastic surgeons.

Known for its celebrity hair restoration, The Glow offers head-to-toe surgical and non-surgical treatments and services.

The entrepreneur now runs two popular surgery and aesthetic centers in Washington DC and Virginia. She even bought a surgery center and named it after her father.

Pascual mentioned that she woke up one morning in tears because that was her vision, but first she wants to make sure her business will be successful in the United States. She couldn’t believe she was in the country and about to open a practice here. It’s a good feeling for her.

With tears in her eyes, she constantly moves and thinks and doesn’t really think about what she has accomplished. According to Pascual, it feels good to be able to help her family – that’s all that matters to her.

She wants a spacious self-contained facility so she can also have an outpatient center to put people to sleep. While she wants it to have an aesthetic feel, she also wants it to be casual.

Management, medical and hair have been his thing. She mastered all departments of running a business, now has about 50 employees, teaching them to excel. Pascual wants them to succeed, succeed and really focus on what they love to do. She is very human with each one of them.

Pascual said their family literally started from scratch; eight of them, including their parents, were in a small two-bedroom, struggled and got no help.

She thinks her goal is to do it and also inspire other women that they could do it. That’s what she wants to focus on and be more transparent about the trip than the surgery itself.

If she could create a platform in the United States and link it here – this is who we are, this is what we do and this is what it looks like – she would be more than happy and she would everything needed.

She and her team of celebrity plastic surgeons were busy doing about four surgeries a day. She tells men and women there’s nothing wrong with doing it because when they look good, they feel good.

Pascual is optimistic about his new center here in the country where plastic surgery and aesthetic services are accepted, and plans to build an excellent local team to ensure the success of the business.

The beauty entrepreneur plans to have a mobile app to monitor weight loss. She is also researching financing options so that the cost of procedures is not burdensome for clients, making it easier for them.

With her clinic, she not only highlights celebrities but also other women who want to have a difference or a transformation. Upon entering, the patients are already nervous, feeling depressed and not happy with themselves.

But, what they try to do is to educate them first because not everything is always a yes.

The clinic offers Lipo 360, Rhinoplasty, Hair Transplant and Eyebrow Transplant, as well as Clear & Brilliant, Vampire Facial and Microblading, among other surgical and aesthetic services.

Pascual aims to expand its business portfolio to include yacht services so that those who don’t have them and can’t afford them can experience them. She has many fingers in each pie and takes care of her child.

She indicated that people only have one life to live and there is so much room for everyone. And anything she could do to help, she’s always there.

Pascual hopes to see his patients achieve their goals, improve their self-esteem and become happier. She said to continue because it will be hard but happy; keep believing in yourself; and reach out to others.

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