Leading Sydney surgeon convicted of misconduct after two patients die | Medication

A prominent Sydney plastic surgeon has been found guilty of professional misconduct and unsatisfactory conduct following the deaths of two of his patients and a relationship with another.

Ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr. William Mooney took a “surprisingly short” time to operate on patient A, while another procedure was performed “far too quickly” on patient B, before the two died, the NSW Civil and Administrative Court said.

The names of both patients have been deleted.

His unsatisfactory professional conduct was deemed sufficiently serious to justify “the suspension or cancellation of the practitioner’s registration,” the court concluded.

In 2018, Patient A sought help with snoring from Mooney, and his operation began at 3:05 p.m. on February 15, 2018.

A scrub nurse observed Mooney say the patient’s tonsils were stuck “like cement” and he was having trouble cutting the right tonsil, and after some bleeding, he finished the procedure at 3:38 PM.

Mooney did not observe the solution that a gauze was soaked in before inserting it into the nose, which was strongly criticized in expert testimony from Dr Cameron Altmann.

He described it as “basic management at the internship or first-year physician level.”

Altmann also said it was a “surprisingly short” time for such an operation, which he said would normally take around 90 minutes, without complications. Altmann said little time could have been spent controlling the arterial bleeding.

Mooney did not examine Patient A for the next two days, but checked over the phone before his release on February 17.

When Patient A vomited blood from his nose and mouth, he tried to call the emergency contact numbers given by Mooney but no one answered. He was then rushed to hospital.

Her family was then informed that an artery had been affected during the operation. Following massive bleeding and multiple organ failure, the patient died on March 3.

Patient B was 41 when he requested further sinus treatment from Mooney in November 2017.

Although it was a complex procedure “on a patient who had undergone multiple surgeries, including one six weeks earlier and an inflammatory disease,” the doctor left after 25 minutes, the Complaints Commission said. to health care.

“His anatomy is said to have been highly variable due to the inflammation, scar tissue and the surgeries.”

Mooney said in a statement he should have been more careful.

“Unfortunately, I started using sharp and dangerous instruments at the base of the skull in a high risk position,” he said.

Patient B died in hospital on December 13, 2017.

Mooney also lied about a relationship he had with a patient after records showed the couple exchanged 3,425 text messages and 807 phone calls between October 2013 and January 2016.

He said most of the calls were made late at night, that he had probably been drinking and “trying to find a piece of happiness”, and also denied prescribing a weight loss drug Duromine to the woman who had previously suffered from an eating disorder.

But the court found he was untrue and did not comply with hair drug testing after avoiding testing due to “illness” and giving himself a “shot.” fist ”, among other measures.

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