Kris Jenner angers Angers fans after old KUWTK music video with Scott Disick resurfaces

Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans are coming for Kris Jenner after a clip resurfaces in which she slams Scott Disick for his looks.

Kardashian-Jenner fans found another reason to be mad at The Kardashians stars after an old clip of keeping up with the Kardashians resurfaces in which Kris Jenner criticizes Scott Disick’s appearance. Appearance is a hot topic when it comes to the famous family, as the physical appearance of each member of the family has evolved significantly throughout their career. From lip injections to butt lifts and even failed photoshop attempts, the Kardashian-Jenners have been making headlines for more than a decade for their ever-changing looks. While everyone has the right to do whatever they want with their own body, many fans have been concerned about how it could affect young women’s self-esteem, especially when the Kardashian-Jenners aren’t around. always honest about the amount of work they had done.


It’s one thing for reality TV stars to alter their own looks, but over the years some sharp-eyed fans have been convinced that the stars are even fixing their own kids’ faces. Khloé has been repeatedly accused of altering her daughter True by making her eyes brighter and her skin smoother. Fans began to wonder why the family is so obsessed with editing and cosmetic surgery or why they would impose this on their own children as well.

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Now it resurfaces KUWTK clip has fans pointing at Kris. TikTok account @kardashianqoute posted Kris and Scott’s old clip, which now has over 100,000 likes. In the clip, Kris and Scott are hanging out in the kitchen when Kris begins to dissect the size of Scott’s earlobes. “Have you ever thought about reshaping your earlobes?the momager asks a puzzled Scott. Kris continued to push Kourtney’s ex about her earlobes, telling him they’re “a bit bigbefore showing him how she thinks he should reshape them. The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch then discovered that Scott had an old ear piercing from when she was a child, which left her appalled.

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Fans flooded the TikTok comments, wondering why Kris was so critical of Scott and hinting that she might have spoken the same way to her daughters. One user wrote: “Do you think she did this to the girls and that’s what started their obsession with plastic surgery?Others have shared similar experiences with their own family members or relatives of their parents, explaining that it’s not funny or joking, but it got them in serious trouble. body image. Another fan simply commented, “PEOPLE..!!! PEOPLE THIS IN PSYCHOLOGY IS CALLED PROJECTION,suggesting that Kris shouldn’t be happy with herself or her own appearance, so she projected that onto Scott.

Although the old clip may have seemed like a joke when it first aired, the anger of fans seems reasonable. Just because the Kardashian-Jenners are big fans of cosmetic surgery doesn’t mean they should project it onto other people and try to make them feel insecure. As fans mentioned in the comments on TikTok, this could have an incredibly detrimental effect on others’ self-esteem and self-image. With a bit of luck, The Kardashians The star didn’t do this to her children, and in the future, she won’t do this to anyone else.

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Source: @kardashianqoute/ TikTok

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