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Popular Kannada TV actress, Chethana Raj, 21, has died of complications after undergoing ‘fat free’ cosmetic surgery at a private hospital in Bangalore. Reportedly, the actress’ lungs filled with fluid and she later suffered cardiac arrest on Monday. It is alleged that the surgery was carried out in an intensive care unit of a hospital which did not have the necessary facilities. It is also said that Chethana apparently did not inform her parents before going through the procedure and that the consent form was filled out by her friend. Friends and fans of the actress are still in shock and it has sparked a debate about the safety of these plastic surgery procedures, and how body image issues and the desire to look a certain way could actually be fatal.

We reached out to health experts to learn more about liposuction, commonly known as fat-free cosmetic surgery, and what could have gone wrong with the young actress.

What is Fatless Liposuction or Cosmetic Surgery

“Liposuction surgery involves the removal of fat from certain stubborn areas of the body that are resistant to diet and exercise. This is performed in any age group between 18 and 65. The patient should be assessed properly before the operation to ensure that he is fit to undergo Anesthesia risk assessment should also be done,” said Dr. Shraddha Despande, Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central, to HT Digital in an email interview.

Liposuction is not a solution to obesity

Dr. Adhishwar Sharma, Senior Consultant, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, in a phone conversation, told HT Digital that people these days believe that liposuction can solve their obesity problems, which is wrong.

“People who are near ideal weight and have little excess fat and want to get rid of it are candidates for liposuction. Some people sell liposuction as a cure for obesity. No, it’s not the The best advice for obesity is food restriction, increasing your movement and eating a nutritious diet,” says Dr. Sharma.

He adds that if one plays with fire, it is used as a tool to reduce weight and accidents can even happen under trained hands as the body is not able to handle it. Dr. Sharma says that in liposuction there is a lot of fluid displacement and a morbidly obese patient might develop certain complications.

Possible cause of death of Chethana Raj

Considering that Chethana Raj apparently had no problem with obesity, Dr. Sharma suspects lignocaine toxicity during the procedure which could have led to the tragedy had it not been for the facilities. Lidocaine is commonly used as a numbing agent during procedures. “In the event of an overdose of lidocaine, the brain goes into deep sleep; there can be cardiac toxicity where the heart is functioning but is not able to pump much blood and the heart rate increases enormously, which is what ‘is called ventricular tachycardia,’ says Dr. Sharma.

“When these complications arise, you need night ventilation to get out of them because the medicine is slowly metabolized by the body. If you are in a small center and you have no facilities, the death of the patient is assured,” adds the expert. He says liposuction is a common surgery performed around the world, but there must be trained and qualified people to do it and there must be proper facilities.

Risks of Liposuction

Opening up on other risks and complications of surgery, Dr. Despande explains, “risks of surgery include bruising and swelling in the local area. More serious complications include fluid overload, pulmonary embolism and pulmonary edema. Megaliposuction, which involves the removal of fat over 10% of body weight, should be avoided as it can lead to more complications.”

“After the liposuction, one should follow the doctor’s instructions and wear a special pressure garment. Liposuction performed by qualified people and in an institute with an intensive care setting is recommended”, adds the expert.

Don’t Chase Perfection

Dr. Adhishwar Sharma concludes that one should not strive for perfection as it only exists on social media and things could go really wrong in real life. He added that people who seek a perfect body can lead a miserable life as they are unhappy with their appearance and may pressure plastic and cosmetic surgeons to perform the procedure.

Precautions to take during liposuction

Learning about the procedure and the risks, and clearing up any doubts with the doctor will help reduce the risk of complications.

“If you have gone under the knife, keep the surgery area clean and do not apply any cosmetics there. Use antibiotics and ointments as prescribed by the doctor. Chewing will be avoided after facial plastic surgery and you will be A liquid diet will also be advised. You should also give up smoking and alcohol and avoid heavy activities or driving. Drink enough water to rejuvenate the skin and flush toxins from the body. You must check the surgeon’s references Discuss your medical history with the doctor before undergoing any type of surgery and also inform him of the medications you are taking After the surgery, you must ask the doctor before taking any medications or supplements says Dr. Debraj Shome, Senior Aesthetic Surgeon and Director, The Esthetic Clinics told HT Digital.

Dr. Despande advises following these tips:

1. Be sure to follow a regular diet and exercise program.

2. Undergo a thorough medical examination and prior anesthetic check to ensure you are fit for surgery.

3. Tell your doctor if you have any allergies or if you have had any surgeries or faced any complications in the past.

4. Don’t hide medical issues or habits like smoking or drinking alcohol.

5. Do thorough research before opting for surgery.

6. Prefer to have your surgery performed in an accredited setting with an intensive care facility.

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