Julia mocks Yara for plastic surgery in ongoing feud

90 Day Fiancé Russian cast member Julia Trubkina ridicules Yara Zaya’s appearance after being called out for her comments about why she’s not in HEA.

Julia Trubkina slammed 90 day fiance co-star Yara Zaya after being called out for her claims as she was cut from 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Julia, 28, was a gogo dancer in South Korea when she was introduced to husband Brandon Gibbs by his friend. Julia moved to America to marry Brandon in 90 day fiance season 8. The lovebirds felt limited in their relationship thanks to the fact that Brandon always had to stay with his parents Ron and Betty Gibbs on their farm due to lack of money. Since their marriage, Julia has made several attempts to move in with Brandon, but as of now, the TLC stars are back in Virginia.


After their last major appearance on Happy forever? season 6, Julia and Brandon were last seen in 90 day logs. Their fans expected to see Julia and Brandon again on the recently announced season 7, but the couple didn’t make the cast, unlike their peers Yara and Jovi Dufren. When a fan on Instagram asked Julia why they were left out, she “guessed” it was because she was from Russia. Earlier this year, Russia launched an attack on Ukraine. Many 90 day fiance actors such as Yara are from Ukraine and were also part of a unique special called 90 Day Diaries: Ukraine in which Maria Divine, Natalie Mordovtseva and others gave their terrifying first-hand accounts of the war.

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It’s possible that Julia feels like the network is treating her unfairly by not bringing her back to Happy forever? But Yara threw shade at Julia by recording a video of herself rolling her eyes and writing: “my reaction when Russians complain that the world discriminates against them.” Julia, who once had a big argument with Yara during the Happy forever? Tell-All episode, also filmed herself rolling her eyes and bobbing her head from side to side as she popped a blue pill. “My face when people do a lot of plastic surgery for beauty but still use a lot of makeup and a lot of filters to make a video,” wrote 90 day fiance Julia star. After watching Yara’s video, in addition to agreeing with her shading Julia, a few fans had also made fun of her for using so many filters that they thought she was Darcey Silva.

Julia Yara Russia Ukraine Instagram in 90 Day Fiance

Reddit user acceber- posted about Julia’s response to Yara, where fans tried to tell her that she and Brandon weren’t cast because their script wasn’t good enough. TLC viewer OkPrompt tried to explain how Julia sees Russia as doing “nothing bad“and Yara is”obviously devastated” by what his country must endure as the war rages on. Someone else said they’d rather watch Brandon’s parents Happy forever? Fans noticed that Julia and Yara stopped following each other on Instagram. When plastic surgery was discussed during their controversial Tell-All episode, Yara opined that if someone doesn’t like anything about their appearance, they should change it. Yara admitted to getting fillers and a nose job because it looked like a potato.

But Julia, who was a professional bodybuilder when she was in Russia, is completely against plastic surgery. According to Julia, people are lazy and if they want to modify their body, they should do it by going to the gym. Yara thought Julia was judgmental at the time. With Julia once again making a joke about Yara’s appearance, the sassy 90 day fiance The star will surely try to make more mean-spirited remarks or perhaps directly confront his actor again.

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