Jovi Dufren teases Yara Zaya about plastic surgery

90 Day Fiancé’s Jovi Dufren jokes that Yara Zaya is going to have plastic surgery in the future. Yara jokes about Jovi’s trips to the strip club.

Yara Zaya from 90 days Betrothed surprised her husband Jovi Dufren roasting the new mom about plastic surgery in the future. Jovi and Yara’s relationship hasn’t been perfect since Yara left Ukraine to join Jovi in ​​New Orleans. Viewers of 90 Day Fiancé: Forever? saw the couple struggle to become parents to baby girl Mylah and maintain a romantic marriage at the same time. Fans wondered if their relationship would go through a rough patch after Jovi took Yara to a Miami strip club in a bid to spice things up HE HAS. Feisty Yara ended up slapping Jovi for acting inappropriately and the incident led the two to consider their future together.

It turns out that Jovi and Yara’s marriage can handle a little controversy, as the couple have recovered from the HE HAS explode and appear to be closer than ever to raising Mylah together. Yara has since revealed to her Instagram followers that Jovi needs to thank Jovi for her great confidence in her. The TV star explained in an article that she felt unattractive and unworthy before Jovi came into her life. Despite their differences, Jovi and Yara seem to be on par when it comes to supporting each other. It seems that the 90 days stars are not afraid to say it as it is and wrinkle their feathers with jokes.

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Yara recently took to Instagram to call Jovi for berating her over a sensitive topic. The video showed Yara in a car with Jovi in ​​the driver’s seat. “Jovi, what did you just ask me?“Yara laughed.”I asked you how soon do you want to get a job and improve your t *** after breastfeeding“said Jovi.”Why would you ask me this Jovi! ” Yara exclaimed. The couple argued in the light video about who brought up plastic surgery first.

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren in 90 Day Fiancé 6

Yara then made a joke about Jovi’s well-known affinity for the strip club. “Maybe a stripper asked you at the strip club“said Yara.”Because you watch the other titty at the strip club, you don’t like mine now. ” Jovi responded with a laugh, telling Yara not to “lie to his supporters. ”Yara ended the video by asking what her followers thought of the situation.

Jovi de Yara’s video looks to be a lot of fun, as the two Louisiana natives are being truthful about the work they’ve done on their looks. Yara admitted to getting her makeover by having her nose redone, as well as lip and Botox injections. Yara recently filmed Jovi in ​​the medical spa chair also receiving Botox fillers. 90 day fiancé fans know that Yara and Jovi are open books, so Yara will likely be responsible for any plastic surgery she receives in the future.

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