Jordyn Woods’ boyfriend comes to her rescue amid plastic surgery rumors

Jordyn Wood recently took to social media to show off her new look on a weight loss journey.

She put up two photos of herself before and after losing weight. She then added that the changes came from her application called FRSTPLACE.

Fans were quick to criticize Wood’s claims and pointed out that it was likely that she used plastic surgery to get her looks. Many were also skeptical that her app was indeed responsible for her new look.

In response to the trolls, Karl Anthony-Towns used his Twitter to advocate for his girlfriends’ fitness journey; he said it was completely natural and after hard work he criticized people who trolled him for his post and encouraged his fans to test his app and give it a try .


Below are all the details about Woods’ post, the reviews she received, and how Anthony-Towns got involved.

Jordyn’s before and after messages

In a recent post to her Instagram page, Woods posted photos of herself that showed a dramatic change in her weight and appearance.

The 23-year-old model, businesswoman and socialite captioned the post saying her app, Frstplace, is responsible for the changes in her body and has helped her lose weight and achieve the look. that she wanted.

In her caption, she made no mention of the specific time it took to achieve her bodily goals, but revealed that it did not happen overnight and that the “transformation was a gradual change” .

The post was part of a promotional campaign for a contest run by its trademark, Frstplace, a workout and fitness platform that provides exercise and wellness guides to subscribers.

The campaign would award a prize of $ 2,500 for the most spectacular transformation photos, just like the photos published by Woods.

Reviews of his fitness journey

While several fans and celebrities have commented positively on Woods’ post and praised her for the hard work she put into the process, some believe otherwise.

They left negative comments on the post as they believed her body change was the result of plastic and cosmetic surgery, not natural weight loss as she claimed.

One comment read, “Stop telling these people you did this with diet and exercise.” You were beautiful before and you are beautiful now, but let’s be honest ”. Another wrote in the comments section and said, “I know you’re not saying an app gave you that body. Girl.”

While many simply believed that Woods had lied about his transformation, some were also angry and frustrated with his alleged lack of transparency and his intention to cheat people for profit.

One of those comments read, “She looks good, however, a plastic surgeon helped with the transformation!” Please stop selling false hopes to young girls and women! “

Woods’ boyfriend defended his honor

Many fans and celebrities have come out on Woods’ defense, insisting that she can get fit naturally, and have expressed confidence that the socialite is telling the truth.

Anthony-Towns was one of the people who expressed this opinion online. He took to Twitter on September 9 to champion Woods’ image and applaud his efforts.

Her defense took the form of retorts to those who criticized Woods’ post and body, and long words that challenged the false opinions of those who said she had the surgery.

One of her messages read: “Are we saying that women cannot work hard and transform their bodies?” I HAVE SEEN the hard work and seen the results, and trust me, it just feels natural.

… Since she was 10 years old, people have been treating this woman with nasty things because of her weight, and instead of letting the Internet run her life, she went out, did this damn job, and changed her whole life. FITNESS SAVED HER LIFE! “

He further promoted the application of Woods; sharing kind words with his fans for their unwavering support. He then congratulated Woods in a short tweet.

Relationship between Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns

From Friends to Lovers, is the best expression to describe the relationship between Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns.

They went public as a couple in September 2020, after years of friendship, in which Woods even said in an Instagram comment that they “have a friendship too deep to consider him a partner.”

However, their platonic friendship status changed when Towns’ mother died of complications from Covid-19.

They became very close and were often there for each other. It didn’t take long for romantic feelings to start creeping in, and they acted on it.

A while back, the couple criticized online trolls, who used edited photos to spread rumors that Towns was cheating on Woods.

In his applause to the rumors, the Dominican-born American hinted that he was planning to marry Woods someday, a hint fans took seriously when a photo of the model wearing a massive diamond ring on her ring finger surfaced on Instagram.

Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns dine at Nobu Malibu

Since fans have continuously speculated that the duo are engaged, none of them have touched on the notion to date.

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