Influencer Oli London shares his return to the man

YouTuber Oli London said he was becoming a man after spending the past six months living as a Korean woman.

The influencer told E! News that while he was “temporarily satisfied” with who he was in the past, he found he no longer wanted to “change and go through my transition.” The 32-year-old said in the statement that he was “going back to being a man”, and his Instagram bio now lists his pronouns as him.

“I took some time to really think about being a woman and realized it just wasn’t for me,” London shared with E! New. “As beautiful as I feel with long hair and more feminine features, I now want to be myself again, a biological man.”

He said he would soon travel to Bangkok, Thailand, to “undergo genital reassignment surgery and get breast implants and facial surgery to become a 100% Korean woman,” in a bid to base her look on the K-Pop singer. Pink of Black Rose.

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The YouTuber said he shaved off all his hair ‘to be a man again’ and was auctioning off his hair on eBay to raise money to ‘donate to charities for Iranian women’ and “to help Iranian women”.

However, London said it planned to stop any further operations.

“I hope that I can live happily now being myself again and that I plan to stop having other plastic surgery procedures that I have already undergone in my obsessive quest for perfection”, he wrote, “which I realized was unreachable”.

London has already undergone 32 surgeries – including six nose surgeries, eye surgery, a facelift, a brow lift, a temple lift and a dental procedure – to look like a K-Pop group BTSJimin Park. In September, London apologized to Jimin and the Asian community for “trying to be another person”, and said he “still identifies as Korean”. (London said in a 2021 YouTube video that they were no longer “British”, but “Korean”.)

In his new statement, he said he was publicly sharing his detransition in an effort to reach out to others.


“I support everyone and I support the trans community and I’ve been through what it’s like to be trans and the hardships and social stigma they face on a daily basis,” London wrote, “and I want just sharing my detransition just to help others who may also be confused so they don’t go through a transition unless they’re 100% sure it’s okay for them.”

London’s actions in the past have drawn backlash on social media, with a non-binary korean user script on Twitter, “The fact that they act like it’s genuine and it’s part of a ‘journey’ due to […] “identity issues” really piss me off. It’s a mockery of trans people, it’s cultural appropriation.”

Other users also weighed in, adding, “Sorry, you have to change your body to feel loved and welcome, but that doesn’t make you a Korean.”

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