How long does it take for a nose piercing to heal?

According to Spencer, there are different types of nose piercings. They include the Austin Bar piercing, the high nostril piercing, the multiple nostril piercing, the nasallang piercing, the rhinoceros piercing, and the septum piercing. If you want a nose piercing, you need to know what part of your nose you want the ring, bar or stud to be placed on. Usually, your piercer will place a small dot on your nose to show where they are going to insert the needle, and you decide if that spot is right for you. It could be a nostril piercing that is on either side of your nose, an Austin Bar piercing that is located on the tip of your nose, or a septum piercing that is placed through the cartilage wall between the nostrils. If you have a high pain tolerance, opt for a nasallang piercing, which goes through one nostril to the septum and then comes out the other side of the other nostril.

Nose piercings are quick and not too painful if placed correctly, piercer Sam Hayler tells PopSugar. “However, they might make you cry lightly or sneeze because you’ll get the inside of your nose tickled!” The healing time for each type of piercing is different. The majority of nose piercings heal in one to three months. However, a multiple nostril piercing, which is a combination of the nostril and upper nostril piercings done with a piercing needle, takes six to nine months to heal. Although body piercings are generally safe, they are not without potential negative effects.

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