How aesthetic gynecology is reshaping the intimate lives of women – news

Dr Aseel Abdulrazzak, Clinique Cosmesurge

A 2019 study of 196 Saudi women aged 23 to 55 on patient satisfaction after labiaplasty showed an overall satisfaction rate of 89% after the operation. 90 percent of women reported increased self-confidence and self-esteem after cosmetic surgery. The main influencing factors for women to continue with surgery were cosmetic dissatisfaction with their lips, discomfort when wearing clothes, and painful intercourse.

For women of all ages, access to appropriate and timely intimate health care services is essential to maintaining a good quality of life. Physical and emotional changes occur throughout a woman’s natural life cycle, from the onset of puberty through after menopause, which require precise and tailored treatment every step of the way.

Dr Aseel Abdulrazzak, renowned OB / GYN specialist and aesthetic gynecologist at Cosme-Surge Hospital in Dubai, says: “We are seeing an increase in the number of patients requesting aesthetic gynecology services; ranging from simple laser hair removal procedures for increased daily comfort to surgical procedures such as labiaplasties and breast augmentation for those who wish to improve physically. Previously, patients were reluctant to discuss issues related to their sexual health with their doctor, but this stigma is slowly disappearing. Previously, intimate procedures were performed only to correct a defect, but it is quite valid to want to undergo an intimate procedure only for cosmetic purposes to improve intimate life.

Likewise, a study of female breast augmentation patients conducted in Norway during the same period echoed similar findings, showing that the motivation to opt for surgery was primarily driven by cosmetic dissatisfaction associated with disturbances. of physical and practical life. Emotional reasons, including low self-esteem and the desire to increase sexual attractiveness, have also been reported.

With the advent of technological advancements and innovation in the medical and healthcare industry, intimate health procedures range from simple in-office procedures with little or no downtime to full transformative surgeries. Patients have the option of choosing from a selection of invasive and non-invasive procedures.

Dr Abdulrazzak highlights the positive role that aesthetic intervention plays in improving a woman’s intimate life and how it contributes to overall well-being. Problems experienced by older women, especially near menopause, include dryness of the intimate area, irritation of the skin, loss of volume and asymmetrical shape, while younger women tend to suffer. more aesthetic discontent.

Aesthetic Gynecology covers a range of surgical and non-surgical options for transforming the appearance of women’s intimate areas for a more youthful appearance and for reconstructing pre-existing or new defects resulting from childbirth or other trauma. Lasers and radio frequency machines are used in intimate area rejuvenation and tightening procedures to successfully treat dryness, loose skin, hair removal, pain, itching and unpleasant odors that hamper intimate life satisfactory.

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