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HYDERABAD: A budget of 3.027 billion rupees with cumulative expenditure of 3.026 billion rupees and a surplus of 0.69 million rupees from Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (HMC) for 2021-2022 has been prepared and sent for approval to the government of Sindh by the newly appointed administrator Altaf Hussain Sario.

The total expenditure of the budget has been set at Rs3.027bn with cumulative expenditure of Rs3.026bn. The document includes budget allocations for 74 Sindh Council Unified Grade (SCUG) posts, increasing the posts from 22 to 52. Post details were reflected in the budget after the preparation of the New Expenditure Schedule (SNE) by HMC.

According to the breakdown, the proposed budget included a share of the zila granting tax (OZT) of 2.037 billion rupees and a special grant of 360 million rupees. An amount of 127.918 million rupees is expected to be collected through tax collection, 227.57 million rupees from fees, 36.806 million rupees from rent and 5.48 million rupees from other heads.

An income of Rs51,715m is expected under the guidance of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). The RBF deducts funds at source from time to time and they have not yet transferred to HMC.

Likewise, HMC expects to receive an amount of Rs 177.988 million which had been pending against the contractors for 10 years and repayment of the loan amount of Rs 1.11 million taken out by the employees.

The administrator excluded salary expenses (Rs 32.824 million) of Deh Mait Khan employees from HMC’s budget after the Sindh government refused to pay their salaries.

The largest component of the budget is for HMC employees, which amounts to Rs 1.847 billion, followed by the second largest contingency allowance involving Rs 839.131 million.

It offers construction works for buildings costing Rs 25.9m, roads Rs 110.5m, parks Rs 10.2m, drains Rs 56.7m, Eidgah and cemeteries Rs 6.5m, repairs to minority settlements Rs 5.2m, special grant Rs 21.3m, civil defense Rs 0.5m, disaster management Rs15m and liability payment Rs60.118m.

Various posts have been abolished while those of SCUG have been increased. The budget allocations for salary expenditure have therefore been included in the budget document.

Details show that the secretariat of the general department HMC would get Rs523.811m, the office of the director of vigilance and inspection would get Rs18,781m, the administrator director and accounts Rs170,077m, the billed expenses Rs0.82m, the loan and advance Rs16.55m, disaster directorate / fire department Rs102.967m, engineering directorate Rs715.662m, land and land management directorate Rs125.035m and public health would receive Rs778.641m.

The office of the directorate of information technology would receive 89.417 million rupees, the directorate of medical care 53.311 million rupees, the vaccination team 7.955 million rupees, pension and commutation 400 million rupees and the purchase. new vehicles 10 million rupees.

The emergency and rain relief component received 10 million rupees and an additional 10 million rupees would be spent on the purchase of sanitation equipment, 8 million rupees to be committed for the hiring of temporary staff for sanitation during the days of Eidul Azha. An amount of Rs2.4m is to be spent for trails and green belts and repairs to fire quarters. 214.8 million rupees have been allocated to ADP programs.

Posted in Dawn, le 11 July 2021

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