Has Tom Brady had plastic surgery?

Tom Brady continues to challenge fathers time, whether on and off the pitch.

The 44-year-old quarterback remains one of the best players in the NFL, even at such a late age when most players his age would have already retired. Still, Brady continues to play and win, confirming his status as the greatest player of all time.

Being so successful in football keeps Brady under scrutiny all the time, and even the smallest details of his life are overanalyzed.

For some, even things like subtle changes in Tom Brady’s facial features are cause for questions and speculation as to whether he has had some type of plastic surgery.

Has Tom Brady had cosmetic surgery?

Brady’s youthful-looking face appears to be the result of minor procedures over the past two decades.

While the quarterback credits his diet and exercise routine, commonly referred to as TB12, the fact that he looks so young under the cameras may be the result of surgeries.

Brady was the product of a Twitter thread analyzing the changes to his face since becoming the first Super Bowl winner with the New England Patriots in 2001.

The thread was created by a profile called @KosmeticKrys, who calls herself a “plastic surgery consultant,” though she makes sure to clarify that she is not a plastic surgeon herself.

The thread begins with a comparison of images of Brady’s first and tenth Super Bowl appearances, twenty years apart. There seems to be a distinct difference in the photographs.

Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots

But the thread continues with an analysis of all of her headshots over the years, from small changes at her hairline to larger changes in her nose and jawline. When you look at frame by frame, it’s clear that there have been changes over the years.

Fans and medics react on Twitter to Brady’s plastic surgery theories

As in all cases with Tom Brady, fans were quick to post their thoughts on Twitter. In this rumor, many agreed with the thread, believing that Brady had indeed had plastic surgery:

Uh… has Tom Brady had plastic surgery? They just did this thing where they showed photos of him from the past 21 years and his face doesn’t look the same. Is it just me?

okay, we can all agree that Tom Brady definitely had plastic surgery, right?

Tom Brady and Drake are the kings of plastic surgery.

It’s so strange that the media has ignored all of the plastic surgery Tom Brady has had. We can all see it but they pretend it didn’t happen

Some people also think that Brady should be allowed to do whatever he wants, without being ridiculous or speculating.

A lot of Tom Bradys have been slandered by plastic surgery on the TL today and for one, I’m just happy he’s taking action to make him feel more confident in his appearance. Good for him. If I were a billionaire, I would probably also be spending money on my personal well-being.

Experts are also weighing in on the debate over Brady’s plastic surgery. Jennifer Levine, a plastic surgeon from New York, offered her thoughts on possible treatments Brady has been able to undergo over the years:

There is no doubt in our mind that Brady has benefited from a few hair enhancements over the years. Whether he opted for PRP treatments or a full transplant, this glorious hairline just isn’t compatible with a 43-year-old man.

Another doctor, Corey Hartman, a dermatologist from Alabama, posted a comparison between the age of 24 and 43, just after winning the Super Bowl last season. Hartman says “I suspect a little help from a dermatologist but it’s okay.”

Brady’s health and lifestyle methods have already been a controversial topic

Brady appears to be a happy man living in Florida now, but when he was with the New England Patriots, his methods of caring for his body sparked a bit of controversy in 2017.

Alex Guerrero, Brady’s personal trainer, was not a member of the Patriots team at the time, but was present in the organization. Around this time (2017), Bill Belichick, the head coach of the Patriots, promised to decrease Guerrero’s presence on the team, which created tensions in his relationship with Brady.

Belichick was not happy with Guerrero’s influence on Brady, especially as his quarterback focused more on the advice of his personal trainer and less on the opinions of the team’s medics. Belichick sought to draw sharp boundaries around Guerrero’s presence in the Patriots, and that ultimately became an issue for his franchise quarterback.

Needless to say, anything Brady does for his health (or his face for that matter) seems to be working just fine.

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