Has Sheryl Crow had plastic surgery? Photos over the years

Made Sheryl Raven to do cosmetic surgery? According to her, no! “A friend of mine bought me a Botox gift pack for my 42nd birthday after I kept telling her how beautiful she was,” Sheryl revealed nine years later at the Express United Kingdom. in 2013. “When the technicians arrived, I saw that they had very high eyebrows and I was like, ‘What am I doing? »» Sheryl gave up botox and hasn’t talked about plastic surgery since.

Even though the singer will turn 60 in February 2022, fans have marveled at how her face is still as smooth and flawless as when she burst onto the music scene with her groundbreaking album, Tuesday night music club, in 1993. The “Soak up the Sun” singer revealed how she feels about aging.

“Most people hate getting old,” she said. People in 2017. “There is something liberating about being able to write [songs] for adults. Like, everything on pop radio – which is fantastic – is sort of geared more towards young people. It’s just liberating for me to be able to write about things that everyone over 30 is talking about. So it has been wonderful.

Sheryl revealed that her career has changed a lot since becoming a mother to her adopted sons Wyatt, born in 2007, and Levi, who arrived three years later in 2010. In her 50s, she is now raising a teenager and a pre-. teenager. .

“This luxury of being able to be creative or inspired at any time of the night, I decide to go out with friends, have a beer and write a song, which no longer exists,” he said. she declared. “I recorded an album but only during their school hours. It was nice to be home every night for dinner.

Sheryl had to change her exercise routine as she got older. She said Form Magazine in 2014 that “Things changed with age, like not being able to jog like I used to. But when I look at myself in the mirror, I try to embrace these things and find the value of what I can do now, ”she said. “I listen to my body. There are certain choices that I make. And I choose the quality of life, every time.

Her personal chef, Chuck White, told the publication that “Sheryl’s consumption consists primarily of whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Salads with avocado, wild tuna, roasted root vegetables, pomegranate juice and quinoa are some of her favorite salads.

The “My Favorite Mistake” singer also makes sure to eat healthy on the go with her busy tour schedule. “She keeps healthy snacks on her bus. They typically contain less than 150 calories – bananas, apples and cantaloupe, fat-free Greek yogurt, 100-calorie packets of low-sodium almonds, raw vegetables, Mary’s Gone crackers, and air popcorn, ”White explained.

Scroll through the gallery below to see how much Sheryl has changed over the years!

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