Governor Kelly calls on Congress to pass legislation to provide affordable health care to over 7,000 Kansas veterans

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Kansas Governor Laura Kelly is calling on Congress to pass legislation that would provide affordable medical coverage to approximately 165,000 Kansans, including 7,400 veterans and their spouses.

Governor Laura Kelly said she sent a letter to congressional leaders urging Congress to pass legislation that would create a workaround for the expansion of Medicaid in non-expanding states, which she said would provide a coverage for 7,400 Kansas veterans and their spouses.

“Kansas is one of twelve states that have failed to expand Medicaid, and this political obstruction has prevented 165,000 Kansans from accessing quality, affordable health care,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “My administration will continue to fight for the expansion of Medicaid at the state level, but until then, this federal legislation will allow us to bypass the self-defeating policies pushed by Republican leaders in state house and d ” bring resources, jobs and the means to save lives. health care to our state.

By adopting House Resolution 4595, the Medicaid saves lives, or including a similar provision in the pending budget reconciliation process would allow eligible residents of non-expanding states like Kansas to access full Medicaid coverage at no additional cost to state or federal governments, said Governor Kelly. Additionally, she said the legislation would increase federal medical assistance percentages by 10% for states that extend Medicaid. This would give states like Kansas 10 years to access full funding if they choose to expand Medicaid at the state level.

Currently, Governor Kelly has declared Kansas to be one of 12 states that have failed to expand Medicaid despite massive public approval. She said the expected economic benefits of the expansion of Medicaid are as follows:

  • Addition of nearly 23,000 new jobs in the state of Kansas;
  • Create $ 17 billion in economic output until 2025;
  • Increase personal income by $ 6.3 billion; and
  • Save up to $ 80.6 million for private sector employers.

Additionally, Governor Kell said the Medicaid expansion in Kansas would provide affordable health care to 165,000 residents who are currently in a health coverage gap, including 7,400 veterans and their spouses. She said the move will support Kansas hospitals and communities and improve services for mental health and addiction disorders.

“The Medicaid saves lives is the luck that Kansans was waiting for. It is the right thing to do to support our people, our communities and our economy, ”Governor Laura Kelly said.

To read Governor Kelly’s full letter to Congressional leaders, click HERE.

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