Finnish start-up Surgify’s new bone cutting technology, which prevents serious complications, is used for the first time in surgery

Used at Helsinki University Hospital in October 2021, the technology speeds up work, increases the safety and accuracy of surgery, and protects the lives of patients.

HELSINKI, UUSIMAA, FINLAND, November 26, 2021 / – Finnish startup Surgify which recently launched a brand new innovative surgical technology that enables surgeons to perform bone surgeries faster and more safely saw its first use cases on patients.

Surgify’s flagship cutting technology is the result of diligent development work. The first surgeries were successfully performed in October 2021 at Helsinki University Hospital (HUS), and the results are extremely promising.

“The two surgical patients recovered well from their operations and returned home quickly. Neither of them suffered any soft tissue damage during the operation, ”explains Head of Neurosurgery HUS and Prof. Mika Niemelä.

Surgify’s technology cuts bones while preventing injury to easily damaged soft tissues such as the meninges, muscles, blood vessels, nerve pathways or central nervous system structures. Depending on the type of surgery, the risk of soft tissue damage can be up to 30%. With Surgify’s technology, such injuries can eventually be completely avoided. Severe soft tissue damage can, at worst, lead to permanent injury or death to the patient.

“Surgify’s device appears to push back soft tissue. This is a major advantage, because a typical surgical drill that turns tens of thousands of times in a minute can be very dangerous if it touches soft tissue, ”adds Niemelä.

Clinical procedures with Surgify’s new technology will continue at HUS.

An innovation that translates into millions of savings for hospitals and paves the way for the use of robotics

Surgify’s technology has the potential to save hospitals up to 3 million euros per year, by preventing complications and reducing the need for continuing care. When the soft tissue is not damaged, the patient needs less treatment, recovers faster, and postoperative complications are less likely.

Soft tissue damage is particularly common in older people because the tissues of older patients are naturally more fragile. As the number of elderly patients increases, so does the risk. Globally, these complications cost nearly € 4 billion and as the population ages this can be expected to increase without innovative solutions.

New technological devices are breaking through in medical care. Already today, robots are used to operate parts of the surgery. Surgify’s technology is perfectly suited to traditional manual surgeries as well as surgical robotics.

“We see our solution as part of a larger change that is happening in surgery that allows for greater use of automation in many types of procedures. We envision enabling surgeons to exercise their surgical skills beyond the confines of current surgical instrumentation, enabling best-in-class surgical procedures for every patient and cost-effective innovation for the healthcare system, ”said Visa Sippola , CEO of Surgify.

Next, Surgify targets the international market with its product. Their internationalization strategy is refined by their new Chairman of the Board, Lex R. Giltaij MD MBA. He has spent more than 30 years in leadership roles in the creation and development of international companies for numerous orthopedic and spinal companies, including Stryker, St. Francis Medical Technology (now Medtronic) and Pioneer Surgical (now RTI Surgical). ).

“We are starting in the Nordic countries and will soon introduce our revolutionary technology to the international markets of the EU and the US. We are also looking forward to continuing our effective collaborative work with HUS, ”concludes Giltaij.


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About Surgify
Surgify Medical is a Finnish healthcare technology start-up founded in 2017 with the aim of making bone surgery safer. The company commercializes its next-generation surgical bone cutting technology and targets international markets.

The technology was originally developed in collaboration between Aalto University and the Department of Neurosurgery at Helsinki University Hospital (HUS). Surgify’s product is a new type of cutting device with a patented safety mechanism that pushes back soft tissue and prevents the drill from damaging vital structures such as nerves or blood vessels.

Since its inception, Surgify has raised 4.7 million euros in private and public funding and received an innovation award from the MIT Technology Review. The company received part of its public funding from Business Finland. For more information, visit

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