Eagle Telemedicine Expands Specialist Physician Recruitment Program

Inpatient telemedicine innovator delivers new remote care opportunities and improved work-life balance for physicians in 15 specialties

July 14, 2022 Eagle Telemedicine, a pioneer in hospital telemedicine, today announced an expanded recruitment program to attract physicians across the United States in 15 different healthcare specialties. The growing telemedicine provider for health systems and hospitals promotes opportunities for physicians to deliver care, virtually, to more than 350 programs in 32 states.

A study by the American Medical Association (AMA) reports that physician burnout reaches a staggering 42%, with specialties often recording even higher burnout rates, including neurology (50%) and endocrinology (46%). This situation is exacerbated by a growing shortage of doctors, which the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) predicts will lead to a shortage of 124,000 doctors by 2034. Telemedicine positions are changing the dynamics of medical care, offering new workplace flexibility options to enhance working life. balance and increase physician job satisfaction while providing quality patient care in both rural and urban hospitals.

“Eagle Telemedicine has experienced unprecedented growth and to continue our strategic expansion, we are actively working to attract physicians in specialty areas with the ability to deliver expert care, virtually,” said Jason Povio, President and Chief Executive Officer. operation, Eagle Telemedicine. “We know the telemedicine model will continue to grow to meet today’s challenge of growing physician shortages, and at Eagle, we are at the forefront of empowering providers with technology resources and the ‘pod’ approach. of the care team that will fuel their success in this new era of care delivery.

To support Eagle Telemedicine’s rapid growth and increased employment opportunities, the company has expanded its recruiting program to be led by Katie Cherry. Previously head of the company’s credentialing and licensing practice, Cherry has now taken on the expanded role of building the company’s growing physician recruitment practice, which now seeks physicians in all 15 specialties in over 32 states. Under his leadership, the Eagle Telemedicine Recruitment team will guide new Eagle Telemedicine providers through the onboarding process and connect them with care “pods” to support hospital customers and of Eagle Telemedicine Health System.

“Eagle Telemedicine offers highly desirable positions for specialist physicians who wish to expand their patient care opportunities outside of their communities – without traveling from the comfort of their home office,” Cherry said. “Our telemedicine practice offers exceptional opportunities for physician satisfaction and flexibility, as well as the satisfaction of always being an integral part of a dedicated care team to serve patients for the best possible outcomes.”

To support its rapid growth, Eagle Telemedicine is actively recruiting physicians in multiple specialties, from TeleICU and TeleNeurology to TeleCardiology, TeleOncology, TelePediatrics, TelePhychiatry and more. For more information on open positions and to learn how to become an Eagle Telemedicine Provider, visit https://www.eagletelemedicine.com/telehealth-providers.

About Eagle Telemedicine

Eagle Telemedicine provides technology-enabled care. Eagle was one of the first companies to emerge in the field of telemedicine medical services and is still at the forefront of the industry a decade later. It designs, manages and operates telemedicine programs for acute care hospitals, critical access hospitals and long-term acute care hospitals. Eagle’s solutions help facilities deliver specialty care to underserved communities, eliminate locum costs, prevent burnout, manage coverage gaps, reduce unnecessary transfers, and increase patient enumeration. patients. The multiple specialties include hospital medicine, stroke and acute stroke neurology, psychiatry, critical care, cardiology, infectious diseases, and a range of other specialties in a wide variety of service models. For more information, visit http://www.eagletelemedicine.com or follow us on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/eagle-telemedicine.

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