Dr Nitin J. Engineer is changing the field of plastic surgery for the better

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Meet the Medical Field Engineer, Dr. Nitin J. Engineer, a plastic surgeon dedicated to making a positive impact in this subspecialty of surgical sciences. Dr Engineer is an accredited, scholarship-trained plastic surgeon specializing in facial, nose, breast, body and hand surgery. He is the Founder, CEO and Principal Surgeon of the Engineered Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Institute and Med Spa, an accredited facility dedicated to serving residents of the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area. Dr. Engineer is dual certified in General Surgery and Hand and Microvascular Surgery by the American Board of Surgery and is eligible for counseling in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. For a decade, Dr. Engineer has worked diligently to contribute to his specialty by providing the most comprehensive and compassionate care to all of his patients.

As the name suggests, Dr. Engineer has a vast knowledge of the wide range of plastic surgery procedures. He specializes in facelifts, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast facelifts, breast reduction, hair transplantation, and body contouring including tummy tuck, liposuction, and mom’s makeover procedures. Its array of non-surgical cosmetic treatment options include the popular botulinum toxin (Botox) and hyaluronic acid fillers. Dr. Engineer has an extraordinary and highly qualified staff, which includes two full-time estheticians, who also complement the practice by performing hydrafacial treatments, chemical peels, laser therapy for pigmented lesions and hair removal, radiofrequency micro-needles and fractionated plasma, among others. skin firming and rejuvenation treatments.

Dr. Engineer is committed to providing an exceptional and personalized experience to his patients to help them achieve their ultimate goals in cosmetic and plastic surgery at the Institute of Aesthetic Aesthetic Surgery and at the Med Spa. The environment of the Engineered Aesthetics® store creates the perfect setting.

Dr. Engineer’s patients have a very positive view of him as a meticulous and conscientious plastic surgeon, often commenting on his dedication to their well-being and kindness. According to their rave reviews online, his patients frequently note Dr.Engineer’s love for education and providing them with full answers to all of their questions.

With over ten years of postgraduate training in plastic surgery, hand surgery and general surgery, as well as ten years of experience as a surgeon in private practice, Dr Engineer also uses his experience to teach and inspire medical students. as adjunct associate professor in Plastic Surgery at the University of Touro. He also enjoys developing collegial relationships with physicians and other experts in all areas of medicine, while exchanging ideas and developing innovative ways to treat common patients.

Dr.Engineer’s advice to others is to appreciate the value of his time and to avoid hesitation in pursuing his dreams. He believes that time is the greatest commodity we have and cannot be regained once lost. It is therefore essential to make the best use of it. As Charles Buxton once said: “You will never find time for anything; you have to do it.

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