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For plastic surgeon Michael Kelly, operating is not just a job, it’s a concern of the heart.

Patients not only from Key Biscayne but from all over the world come to see Kelly. When he opened his practice in 1992, he expanded to three offices: Baptist, South Miami and Coral Gables.

Now known as one of the best plastic surgery practices in Miami, there is a new focus.

Over the past six to eight months, he has reduced his focus and moved on to a full-time job of facial surgery, which includes operations such as facelifts, eyelids, neck lifts, and injectables.

“You get older with your patients,” Kelly said. “A lot of the patients I’ve had their breast augmentation and tummy tucks for are now at a stage where they’re thinking about things for the face. So my narrow focus has been a natural transition. And it just happens to be. type of surgery I like the most, so it was a really good change for me.

A good facelift requires technical expertise that many cosmetic surgeons do not have. Kelly does facelifts at least twice a week. He uses fibrin glue and tranexamic acid during surgery. These advanced and expensive techniques, not used by all surgeons, stop bleeding during the operation and help patients recover much faster with ease of bruising. Patients are back in the public eye a week after surgery.

Kelly sees patients of different age groups, including patients in their 40s and even patients in their 20s for Baby Botox.

He understands that the patient’s anatomy will dictate what is best for him. Sometimes injectables alone will not solve problems with skin or muscle laxity. Kelly’s one-on-one consultations and attention to detail are examples of her commitment to service and patient care.

He also takes pride in his customer relationships and advice which results in a tasteful, not overdone look. As a senior surgeon in the community, he has developed his practice over the years through word of mouth and a good reputation, which has helped him retain his patients.

As a surgeon who has spent decades operating several times a week and honing his craft, he realizes he can distance himself from those who have created a hyped perception of themselves.

Kelly asks all of her surgical patients to see her esthetician for a free facial and introduces them to a skin care regimen that may include products such as Skin Ceuticals. He also advises taking a daily antioxidant with sunscreen, and perhaps a quarterly facial.

For Kelly, surgery has taught her many life lessons and provided her with valuable experiences.

“My favorite operation is to do cleft palates. I have been part of Operation Smile and have traveled all over the world. I did nine missions and went all over China, Morocco, Peru. It is such a wonderful operation and in just 45 minutes you can change the life of a child, ”he said.

Today, with her new focus on facial surgery, her favorite operation is a neck lift with fat grafting to the face.

According to Kelly, this is the least invasive procedure, and the scars are hidden behind the ears. It does not have to make incisions under the chin and can treat a patient’s facial aging with fat grafting. His expertise allows minimal healing and total rejuvenation of the face and neck.

Originally from West Virginia and the son of a divorced mother, Kelly became her family’s first doctor. He obtained a residency at the University of Miami, considered by many to be the top plastic surgery residency in the country, after attending the University of Illinois. Three years ago, his practice was bought by a dermatology platform called DermCare. He now works as an employee.

Kelly’s only practice, Miami Plastic Surgery, now has 31 employees.

He and his wife, Ilyse, have raised two children and have lived in Key Biscayne for over 32 years.

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