Did Rob Lowe have plastic surgery?

Rob Lowe has been a Hollywood mainstay for decades. Since his debut, an 80s idol in movies like About last night and St. Elmo’s Fire to his passages in programs such as The west wing, Parks and recreationand fox 9-1-1: Lone Star, Lowe has always been known for his pin-up beauty. Now 58, the versatile actor looks just as handsome and youthful as he did 30 years ago, leading some people to speculate he’s had work done over the years. Is there any truth to these Rob Lowe plastic surgery rumors? Here’s what we know.

Why People Think He Had Plastic Surgery

For a guy who made his big screen debut in 1983, Rob Lowe looks amazing. He is often described as “ageless” by the press, most recently when he took to Instagram to post side-by-side photos of himself aged 21 and 57. He’s dressed almost the same in both snaps and it’s really hard to believe the person on the left is pushing 60.

Because the Brothers Sisters star has barely aged a day in 36 years, some people suspect he underwent plastic surgery (or at the very least, Botox and/or fillers) to maintain his youthful appearance. And even Lowe admits he cares about maintaining his movie star looks.

“I’m an actor. We’re all narcissists,” he said in a 2021 interview with QG. “That’s the bad news, but it’s also the good news! There’s nothing wrong with working out because you care about how you look. There is nothing wrong with that. In a perfect world, it’s balanced with less vain things. Health and wellness and mindfulness and all those other buzzwords.

Did Rob Lowe have plastic surgery?

(Photo by Ian Vogler-Pool/Getty Images)

Rob Lowe has never admitted to having had plastic surgery and there is no evidence that he ever went under the knife. But there are plenty of other reasons the Emmy-nominated actor can have such a youthful glow.

For starters, Lowe is married to a former makeup artist who’s likely shared plenty of anti-aging tips and tricks with her hubby over the years. We also know that Lowe takes very good care of his skin – he launched his own men’s skincare line, Profile by Rob Lowe, in 2015. “During my career, I’ve learned all the tricks of the trade to stay clean, healthy, younger-looking skin,” Super Troopers 2 star reveals on the line’s website, which includes anti-aging products such as an eye serum and an “anti-gravity” moisturizer.

Lowe has also been sober for more than half his life, and one of the benefits of abstaining from alcohol is younger, healthier skin. “I haven’t been drinking and haven’t been drinking for 30 years now and it’s such a competitive advantage for me,” Lowe said in a 2020 interview. kill.”

Finally, Lowe likes to eat a healthy diet and get enough sleep, which he says keeps him in top shape. “I’m now getting studies backing up what I’ve been intuitively doing for years, which is eating the Atkins way – low carb, low sugar – and getting Continued enough sleep,” he said. GQ. “People laughed at me. But now science is catching up, it’s more than restful sleep. It’s brain sleep, it’s body sleep, it’s concentration.

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