Did Joe Biden have plastic surgery? Trump mocked POTUS for ‘awful facelift’, book says

Former President Donald Trump mocked President Joe Biden for getting an “awful facelift,” claims a new book. The author writes that Trump also made fun of Biden’s stuttering while watching a debate among the 2020 Democratic candidates. Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender recalled in his book “Frankly, we won this election: the inside story of how Trump lost “how Trump invited reporters to watch the February 19, 2020 debate with him aboard Air Force One, as they returned from a Trump rally that night in Phoenix.

In his book, Bender wrote that Trump had a lot to say, “Trump then started coming up with his own colored commentary: Bloomberg was smart, but not quick. Biden had a terrible facelift. Bernie was quick, and Warren was a good debater, even though she was mean. But the highlight for Trump was that Bloomberg collapsed when his rivals, led by Warren, skewered him over his history of allegations of sexual harassment and his past support for the stop-and-frisk police. Trump sang with every stutter he saw onscreen. ‘He stutters like Biden!’ Trump said. “Biden struggled with a stutter as a child and spent years struggling to overcome it.


Has Biden had plastic surgery? Trump slams rival over procedure, internet says POTUS is jealous of him

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It’s no secret that Biden has undergone numerous cosmetic procedures to alter his appearance, including Botox, hair transplants and dental treatment, according to plastic surgeons. Surgeons said Biden began to look noticeably different during the 2008 campaign. That’s when the then Delaware senator allegedly reshaped his hairline, filled in the wrinkles in his face. and his forehead and installed dental veneers. “Without a doubt, Joe Biden has had hair transplants,” Dr Barry Cohen, said a Washington, DC area plastic surgeon.

Biden has never confirmed having undergone any of these procedures and has not publicly spoken about them. “He actually had bad takes years ago,” Cohen says. “Afterwards, he plugged his hairline back to cover up the bad ‘Barbie dollesque’ plugs. I suspect he has regular Botox and probably fillers. If he has had a facelift, he needs it. ‘another.” Not only his hair and skin, Biden’s teeth have also attracted considerable attention. In 2012, cosmetic surgeons speculated that Biden was fitted with either porcelain veneers or a porcelain bridge. The procedure costs approximately $ 20,000.

U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden listens to President Barack Obama deliver remarks during a meeting with a bipartisan group of governors from across the country in the State Dining Room February 3, 2010 in Washington, DC (Photo by Ron Sachs-Pool / Getty Images)

Dr Lawrence M Koplin, a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, said that while Biden’s procedures weren’t perfect, they were done well. Koplin suspected Biden, after losing his son Beau to brain cancer in 2015, of wanting to prevent the aging process exacerbated by tragedies. “It’s no exaggeration to imagine his desire to come back to ‘freshen up’ his appearance and return to a time when things were better and happier,” Koplin said.

US President Barack Obama (right) presents the Medal of Freedom to Vice President Joe Biden during an event in the State Dining Room of the White House January 12, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool / Getty Images)

In 2015, journalist Edward Klein wrote in a book, “Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary”, in which he stated that Hillary Clinton had been operated on by a surgeon in a “mini operating room in her house with the latest medical equipment “. The former secretary of state reportedly underwent covert plastic surgery before starting her campaign for the 2016 presidency, according to Klein’s book. It is reported that Bill Clinton “wanted her to have a facelift” and “there was nothing she could do about the schedule – she would be 69 in 2016 – but she could do something about the lines and sagging skin. on his face, “according to Klein. Hillary “had no intention of going to a clinic, so she asked a well-known plastic surgeon to set up a mini operating room in her home in Chappaqua, New York, with the latest medical equipment. “. She had her “uplifted cheeks and wrinkles and fine lines botox” and had “worked” on her eyes, neck and forehead, according to Klein.

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